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  1. Colmesneil hires new coach

    Their is always some nice talent at this school. Hopefully the politics will stay out of the mans job. They have had very good coaches in the past Alex Davis and his crew. ED  Trotter etc.  If this coaching staff   leaves early it will be time to shop for a new school.
  2. Colmesneil hires new coach

    Yes if the work they can be , but but but most of this work has to be done at home. And at college camps outside . I have seen none at any of the local camps . The parents  play a huge role in this process. Money must be spent and time given to be successful 
  3. Colmesneil hires new coach

    Wow, sorry I asked.  All out of deer leashes in colmesneil. Only hog hunts left.
  4. Colmesneil hires new coach

    Info please where is he from.  Over all coaching record. Last play off game . How many times in the playoffs.  
  5. For Woodville it would be Newton Jasper Silsbee. Let’s see the three headed monster as eagles 1 says.
  6. Believe me when I say this I used to think the same way. I have just seen to many kids get told they are not college materiali or they aren’t athletic enough or we don’t have money for our sports program to you can’t stand out in a larger school and they fall by the wayside. The truth is yes these are great schools with good intentions, but don’t have the resources or coaching the kids need. Another problem these schools have had is, they haven’t in the past offered if any AP classes. Chester is a super small school that has historically put 5A talent on the field . Then when school is over the community expects them to go to the mill and work .  I just think there is something better for our kids.
  7. Yes they did and I wish they had more. These 2 schools need to consolidate with Woodville.
  8. More info you may be unaware of . Over the last 3 years there have been up to 6 of Woodvilles starters were originally from Chester including their star RB Zack Martin.
  9. All jokes aside this schoo has been rich in talent. A few years back lufkin had 4 of Chester’s kids starting at middle linebacker defensive tackle and 2 wide receiver their kids all transfer  for better opportunities. If he can keep them there watch out.
  10. Woodville/Kirbyville game 1

    Sorry no comment. I will say your kids played very well . You also have 2 of the best active coaches in the area. Y’all have a shot to win region 3. Y’all hit better 1 thru 9 than Central Heights and defensively are better. By the way how many wins do coach Jones and Franklin have between them.
  11. Woodville/Kirbyville game 1

    Best coaching clinic I’ve seen in years. Kirbyville looked polished and focused. Worst Woodville team in years. Hopefully the experiment is over.
  12. Jasper 2019

    Wow this is good news it will be a chance for everyone to see the HWY 190   3 Headed monster.
  13. 4/23 21-3A Games/Post updates here!

    Woodville 8 Hemphill 4.  Next up Kirbyville 
  14. 4/16 21-3A Games/Post updates here!

    Corrigan 4 Woodville 1  first time in many years corrigan has beaten Woodville in baseball.