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  1. New Caney 28 Vidor 21/FINAL

    Except against vidor last year right? And png this year right? What those don't count?
  2. 21-5a vs. 22-5a

    Honestly in my opinion qb's make this offense even that much more lethal. Ask quirante and geth simmons.
  3. GO CROSBY AND New Caney!!!!!

    Yeah I think the award for most annoying person on this board has been passed on from 14.2. Atleast temorarily. Hopefully he doesn't last long.   Oh and GO PIRATES!
  4. New Caney vs vidor predictions...

    Keep on going kronos. This is bulletin board material. 
  5. What yall got?  And what is nc all about? What kind of offense? Stars? Stand outs?
  6. Port Arthur Memorial 40 Vidor 14/FINAL

    Congrats pam.

    God I hate that song!
  8. Port Arthur Memorial 40 Vidor 14/FINAL

    Getting your head right huh. I understand that. It's hard to lose to vidor two years in a row
  9. Vidor vs PAM

    Man you sure do love stirring that pot
  10. Vidor vs PAM

    Well let's see if an extra week will help pam this year. I don't think it will. This offense is hard to defend if you don't know how. I see this maybe being a shoot out.
  11. Vidor 62 Baytown Lee 21/FINAL

    21-7 vidor
  12. Vidor 62 Baytown Lee 21/FINAL

    14-7 vidor 2nd quarter. 
  13. Vidor 62 Baytown Lee 21/FINAL

    7-0 vidor 1st quarter.