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  1. If we don’t get our pitching in tact. Early exit in the playoffs
  2. Top 3 Rockets for the series so far.   1.Harden 2.Gordon 3.Rivers   Chris Paul needs to step it up. He looks old.
  3. Boston Celtics

    Getting smacked by Milwaukee this series 
  4. And now the series is tied 2-2. Harden is taking over and who would’ve thought Austin Rivers would be this huge for us?
  5. Is it me or does it look like Tyler White is gaining weight in season?
  6. Rockets are hungry and the Warriors are vulnerable. Winner of this is going to the finals.
  7. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    He got booed at the spring practice saturday. What I been reading up, he has been hot garbage
  8. only team I’m concerned about in the west is Golden State. 
  9. celts vs warriors

    Rockets will win it all
  10. The Rockets are 3-0 against the Warriors this season... two of these games were without CP3 and the other one was without The Beard. - The Warriors had all SIX of their recent All-Stars play tonight, but still lost to Rockets team whose best player (The Beard) didn't even play in the game. If Rockets can play that style like they did last night they can win it all
  11. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Wonder how this will affect Tate Martell 
  12. Lakers won’t make the playoffs