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  1. Traveling.

    Disney world and Orlando is on my bucket list.   
  2. We need a stronger bullpen
  3. 48-24! Just wait till we get healthy. 
  4. College World Series

    He can scratch Omaha off his bucket list now. Always wanted to be there
  5. 2018 recruiting

    Per 247.. 1.Miami 2.Ohio State 3. LSU 4. Penn State 5. Texas    
  6. Astros are hurting on the pitching rotation. Everyone is out.   Big series vs Red Sox this weekend
  7. ****2017 NCAA Super Regionals****

    Oregon State controversy..
  8. We lost 2 in a row now it doesn't t hurt that Angels/Rangers lost and Mariners are losing. Still a big division lead regardless but anytime we lose and rest of division loses it's a win  
  9. Bob Stoops retired

    Chip Kelly and Bob Stoops will be the hottest names next season for coaching vacancies.
  10. Traveling.

    Some people knock on me for doing this. I usually travel alone. Being 27 and all your friends are married with kids I have noone to go anywhere with. I went to Miami twice by myself to see the spring game and a regular season game. Went out to Austin and San Antonio to see the Rockets at Spurs alone. When my friend had work in the AM I went out to the boardwalk,Sixth Street and Rainey. I'm planning on goingto San Fran,Memphis,Nashville and Fort Lauderdale this fall. I got comfortable with it. Actually I like it better when I go alone
  11. It seems like Everytime a team gets close we pull away by 5 runs. This team is so so good. Let's hope we can do the same in the playoffs
  12. Traveling.

    My cousin just moved to San Francisco. I'm going to visit her in August to see what it's all about
  13. Cavs vs Warriors

    Last year I payed attention to the finals but not now. It's so predictable