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  1. I know it's super early,but...

    What I'm really on planning to do... Stay in Memphis Friday night Leave Saturday morning to Jonesboro to watch Miami vs Arkansas State.  If Titans have an home opener the next day. After the Miami game. I'll leave to Nashville which is only 4 hours away from Jonesboro Watch the Titans game Sunday,stay in Nashville that night.   Kill 3 birds with one stone.
  2. Titans vs Cowboys next year superbowl
  4. Could you at least admit that this guy is the best back in the league?
  5. Fake Fanatic

    I buy all my gear from there. That's a good site 
  6. Watching Monday night RAW. Brock Lesnar dominated.   They're coming to Houston in November. It's not like it used to be though
  7. They had a great year with 2 rookies leading the way. They will be back and better But dang they have been cocky all year. This humbled them big time
  8. I know it's super early,but...

    That's what I'm thinking. Memphis is only an hour away. Beale street looks fun
  9. I know it's super early,but...

    Anybody ever been to Jonesboro Arkansas? I'm thinking about staying in Memphis the night before the game or staying in Jonesboro all weekend. I looked up the nightlife in Jonesboro. Don't look too attractive.
  10. Dallas Mavs

    I'm glad theyre no longer a threat lol
  11. Packers @ Cowboys

    It's gonna be a long game
  12. Packers @ Cowboys

    Gotta stop Rodgers Dak needs to settle down!
  13. They played a broken Raiders team with no Carr. That team gave up week 17.