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  1. We just need to steal one in LA and we got this..
  2. Playoffs

    Does anyone think a 1 loss big 12 team or an undefeated TCU will make it over a 1 loss Notre Dame team? Notre Dame looks amazing right now
  3. Week 8

    I'm not sold on my canes yet. Virginia tech and Notre dame will tell us how for real we are
  4. Week 8

    Miami favored by 14.5 vs Syracuse after coming off a big win vs Clemson   Is anybody going to take that?
  5. Daryl morey- "We have the blueprint to beat the warriors this year"
  6. Nebraska

    College football is not the same when Nebraska and Miami are not dominating
  7. Nebraska

    Back to what they used to be as a powerhouse program
  8. Nebraska

    I just don't see Nebraska coming back anytime soon. It's just where their at on the map
  9. Nebraska

    Chip Kelly
  10. It's official:Verlander makes me more aroused then Kate
  11. Week 7

    Jim Harbaugh is so overrated