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  1. Broke Kobe’s record tonight after 7th straight game with 30 + points. what concerns me the most if he don’t get burned out soon. We need Chris Paul and Eric Gordon back ASAP. We won’t go anywhere in the playoffs if they aren’t healthy.
  2. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    I have a strong feeling that either Hurts or Tate Martell will join Miami this week.
  3. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Manny Diaz and Hurts have been in contact lately. Don’t be surprised if he ends up at Miami
  4. No CP3,No Gordon no problem! This dude is on fire right now. With a healthy squad we can go to the finals. Chris Paul’s hamstrings still worries me. the Austin Rivers signing was a huge addition to our offense.   Question:could James Harden come down as the 2nd best best Rocket of all time? If he bring s a championship, I say yes 
  5. Diaz hired Major Applewhite as the new OC...  
  6. Bowl Games

    UCF needs to make a strong push on going to a bigger conference. Need to go to the weak ACC to make them stronger
  7. James Harden once again dominated 45 points triple double.   if CP3 can stay healthy all playoffs. Rockets will go to the finals. Mark my words
  8. Not sure how I feel about this hire but what I been reading up he isn’t playing around. He canned all the coaching staff. We got few more commits. The alumni’s love the hire. Diaz vs Mack Brown will be interesting next year.
  9. Leach is one guy. I don’t want Cristobal.   i been reading up that the AD is in contact Matt Campbell from Iowa State. That would be a really good hire
  10. Leach would be perfect. All that south Florida speed would love to play for him
  11. Miami’s first game is against Florida in Orlando.   They better get a big hire ASAP or it’s going to be a blowout
  12. Make Richt has retired.   i want MIKE LEACH!!
  13. Now with Lebron. ESPN won’t stop freaking hyping them up. 
  14. Now that this tumultuous season is over, finally. I have officially moved Mark Richt on the hot seat after tonight’s disgusting performance.  I’m not ready to say he needs to be fired, but boy does he have his work cut out for him. You coach for your Alma mater. A place where the brand sells itself. You took this team to as high as 2 in the country last year and locked in the #8 recruiting class in the nation and you follow it up with this... If I’m the AD, I’m putting him on notice. Fix this or get out. You cannot waste another good year of defense with a bad offense.  defenses get worn down when you keep going three and out.  This team is returning a lot of young, stellar talent and you simply cannot waste it.
  15. Now since they blew out the Warriors last night. ESPN is having a huge slurp fest.    I really do hate this team