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  1. Chris Paul resigns for 4 year 160 with Houston. Gerald Green is back Trevor Ariza signs a 1 year deal with the Suns. i don’t care about Ariza being gone. I would like Lance Stephenson to take his place
  2. H-Town

    Texans should cut Watt
  3. NBA Finals

    We would prolly can ariza
  4. NBA Finals

    Paul George?
  5. NBA Finals

    He coming to Houston 
  6. Tony Kemp is earning his right to play on this team
  7. Kuechel is pitiful
  8. NBA Finals

    I hate the nba
  9. Dallas Kuechel and the bullpen sucks
  10. I’m stepping away from the NBA for awhile
  11. College Baseball 2018

    Jim Morris is officially done. Should of retired 10 years ago
  12. Seems like every game gets bigger and bigger. Game 5 tonight @8
  13. What a win! That was a great game
  14. I don’t get why we play this stupid iso ball. Looked like they threw the game last night