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  1. SECond to none

    The ACC has the best coaches now Jumbo Fisher Dabo Swinney Mark Richt Justin Fuinte Larry Fedora
  2. Anybody notice how bad we suck right now??
  3. Demarco Murray gonna be a great RB for Tennessee.  Glad we have a person that conducts hisself on and off the field
  4. 3rd in the division and that's because Andrew Luck will not be playing. This season belongs to the Titans!
  5. Dallas is a solid D line away from going to the superbowl
  6. He didn't start doing this until her started dating that Muslim chick
  7. It's August ..

    Coaches poll released
  8. It's August ..

    Here are the top 5 players going into this season. Ed Oliver should be there
  9. It's August ..

    One month till kickoff! Which games are you attending?
  10. Well we have traded Aoki for a reliever from the Jays.   Lance is back on the DL. Time to sit him and start Peacock..I been saying this..
  11. Lance has been terrible since coming off the DL. He is going to get killed in the playoffs. Time to start Peacock over him
  12. Doesn't mean they won't hold out. Altuve isn't even the highest paid guy on the roster. If we win it all this year, he would demand more money. Especially with the agent he has..
  13. Altuves contract comes up end of this year( I think)  We are about to fork out a ton of money to keep these players and they don't want small change. Hopefully we keep all 3. We should also extend Marwins contract. He is one of our most valuable players and he doesn't even start unless injuries occur.   Hopefully Lunhow keeps everyone but there may be a possibility of us losing a good player
  14. What's up with Zeke? At least Demarco Murray don't get in trouble