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  1. Ole Miss

    I knew something was up when they got them 5 star recruits.   I mean,who the heck would want to live in Mississippi?
  2. Twin Peaks is coming to beaumont.

    It got old fast. Maybe because I been there over 200 times.   Now the one in Webster is a different story!
  3. Rockets acquire Lou Williams from Lakers for Corey Brewer.   Huge pick up. Now we need a legit big man..
  4. ***College Baseball 2017***

    Miami will be world beaters in the regular season. Then lay an egg in the CWS
  5. Nah we are getting Alshon Jeffrey or Mike Williams in the draft
  6. UT-Fanatic

    A little throwback for you : )    
  7. Like Father, Like Son

    Pedophiles should get the death penalty When the prisoners find out about this,they will have they're broomsticks ready..
  8. And so it begins. Victor Cruz released
  9. 2018 recruiting

    I know it's early,but..  
  10. Texas A&M Rivalry

    Depends on the age group. We always have a blast. When you go downtown.. I never been to the stockyards though
  11. Texas A&M Rivalry

    Austin #1? I go there about 5 times a year. It seems to get more liberal..6th street still gives me nightmares. Fort Worth is where it's at. Me and my buddies rent an apartment on west 7th every year when we go it's always a blast