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  1. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    Marshall beat Lindale 47-21. Nederland will have a very tough game. PNG by 3 TDs.
  2. Their kicker is money. Why would you go for that?!
  3. Willowridge @ Nederland

    And the first win was at home, vs a non-playoff team, with as bad a QB as we’ve had in ages and it still took a 2nd half comeback before pulling away in the 4th. He has definitely been a stud in all 3 Ned games, though.
  4. How did Hefner and the 6’8 kid look?
  5. Nederland’s size must be taking over 
  6. Update? How do Hefner and the 6’8 kid look?
  7. Post updates if anyone is there.
  8. Willowridge @ Nederland

    I think that’s a fair assessment with the unknowns. I think they are going to be a dangerous opponent especially with our banged up backfield. We did not look the same on offense last week without Scott and with a gimpy Maczyk. Should be a good game!
  9. PNG played a great game and deserved the win. They were the better team Friday night.  For those of you wondering what was wrong with Ned Friday vs the rest of the season? It wasn’t the QBs fault, he played harder than anyone we have. The problem IMO is not having your Bell cow RB and his partner in crime playing injured. PNG stopped our RBs and forced us to throw more than we like. That’s not our game. Hopefully, Mazyck is healthy next week and we can stick with our game plan next week. Congrats to PNG on staying patient, making some stops, and sticking with the game plan. We had no answer for Shug in the 2nd half!
  10. Good game Indians! Shug is a beast! The defense stepped up big time. The better team won tonight. We had no answer for Shug. Ned had to play keep away without Kade Scott and a very hobbled Macyzk and did in the first half, but PNG forced us to have to pass a lot in the 2nd half which isn’t our bread and butter. I was surprised we didn’t use Fuselier or Armani more with Mazyck obviously limited. Blaysin ran hard all night. Hats off to the Indians for making the stops when they needed them and making several key 4th down conversions. Good luck to the Indians in the playoffs. Let’s regroup and get healthy, Dogs!
  11. Boring game compared to last year. Roschon looks good. Ned is methodical and misses Kade Scott a lot in my opinion. Hope both teams open it up more in the 2nd half!
  12. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    PN-G did much better in this series when they played on a natural grass field. Just some food for thought. Don’t shoot the messenger.
  13. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    Good game, Al Bundy!