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  1. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    How’d Hefner do?
  2. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    No updates... I’m gonna take that as bad news...
  3. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    Let’s go Dogs!! Impressive comeback!
  4. Nederland 58 Cleveland 50/FINAL

    Did Hefner play?
  5. I think Hef had around 20. Didn’t play half of the 4th Q. Refs weren’t very good in this game.
  6. I can sum it up for you. Texas Southern won at Oregon and at Baylor, yet they can’t beat Lamar. It’s all about matchups and sometimes a team is an off night and the other team is on Fire.
  7. I guess this answers the question. The HILL is for REAL!!
  8. Somebody keep the: Score updates Dunk-o-meter  Hefner stats    Thanks in advance!
  9. Nederland at Vidor

    Anyone going?
  10. Nederland at Vidor

    Big Hef almost always puts on a show, but I think this will be a great game.
  11. And with a whole senior season left next year!
  12. Does anyone know what time tip off is for Saturday?