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  1. Just when we thought PNG was becoming a basketball school... good win for Vidor! They have some talent and their district record shocks me to be honest.
  2. Saw on twitter that Ned won 51/48 on a buzzer beater theee pointer by Bryce McMorris!
  3. I’m expecting a big effort from the Dogs tonight after Friday’s major disappointment. Big game for Cleveland to get back in the playoff race. Hope the Dogs are ready to play off 2 subpar performances.
  4. Vidor 41 Nederland 44/FINAL

    Ned missed a ton of point blank shots and Vidor was scrappy all night. Hefner with a steal and huge dunk in the final seconds to seal it!
  5. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    How’d Hefner do?
  6. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    No updates... I’m gonna take that as bad news...
  7. Tha U!!! Great win!
  8. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    Let’s go Dogs!! Impressive comeback!
  9. Nederland 58 Cleveland 50/FINAL

    Did Hefner play?