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  1. Crosby at Vidor

    Crosby by 21
  2. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Everyone saw them offsides except for three zebras lolol
  3. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy game by both teams so far.
  4. Nederland vs Silsbee

    I think this will be a close game.
  5. I don’t know where all this “can’t throw downfield crap” is coming from, but I remember a lot of deep throws last year to Latulas. Both of our QBs are doing a fine job when they are out there. I’m just happy that we have two very capable signal callers with different styles, three very capable underclassmem RBs with different styles, and a bevy of WRs. I agree with everyone though that a Latulas type WR is what we are missing most this season. The defense has been the most pleasant surprise to me so far! The starters have given up 7 to WO-S, and that was a 30 yard drive and 7 to BU. The other 7 that BU scored was on the 2nd strong D. Fun team to watch! Let’s quit trying to stir up a QB controversy! There’s been years where we’ve had NO QBs! Let’s embrace the fact that we have TWO guys that can get the job done.
  6. Yup! Love that we have so many guys stepping up and playing very well! Truly a TEAM concept this season! These Dogs are a lot of fun to watch!
  7. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Newton by 10–14 points
  8. BU is waaaaayyy too fast for Nederland... oh wait, no, no they’re not...
  9. #72 also a really good looking freshman playing a lot for Ned...
  10. I like what I see from the Dogs so far. We are a team with no superstars, but a LOT of guys contributing. These 2 sophomore running backs are gonna be special for Ned. Mark my words. Also, we have a huge Freshman #79 Ricky Johnson that is gonna be an absolute stud in the coming years. Our D has looked very strong in 2 games without arguably our best player on that side of the ball, Noah Lewis. The 2ndary is strong and will only get better when he returns!
  11. Yup, and we have one who is very similar to him. He sat out last week vs. WO-S and will hopefully be back this week. #5 Noah Lewis. Can’t wait to see this kid play this year!
  12. Good win, Dogs! Banged up and on the road. Got down early and never quit! Always a tough game with the Stangs. Much respect to WOS!