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  1. Best Program in SETX? (Golden T)

    Just hardware then BH has 2. Only 1 less than PNG I believe.

    Lol. Man I always knew they had strength and conditioning but you said they were looking good in practice. No need to call anyone an idiot because you miss spoke. If they were practicing I surely wouldn't post it on here.

    Not trying to be negative just didn't even know you were allowed to have practice for a couple more weeks.

  5. Top 15 Running Backs in SETX

    Seems last couple of years has had the injury bug. I agree though if healthy he will put up big numbers.
  6. Top 15 Running Backs in SETX

    Very true. Craig Williams is 3 star recruit I believe and if he is healthy is by far the best back in our district. He has had issues the last 2 years staying on the field but is blazing fast.
  7. Who is your team game(s) of the year 2017

    Yes sir that's why I think it's a big game. 
  8. Who is your team game(s) of the year 2017

    Crazy as it sounds I think Daytons biggest game will be against Splendora. The kid from Splendora ran for well over 300 yds against Dayton last year which is by far the most yds by a rb against Dayton in at least the last 20+ years. It's a game Dayton should win but it's also a game if they lose will most likely put Dayton finishing under .500 again. I think their other big game will be Humble because that game could possibly be for the 4th playoff spot.
  9. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Stewart was also a successful head coach before taking this job. Big difference between the hiring of Stewart and this last hire. I have talked to several of the kids on this years team and wish them the best. Also have talked to several coaches and they know they have their work cut out for them this year. 
  10. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Believe me I haven't missed even a handful of games in the last 18 years. I was just trying to make the point that even though you said you never entered a game defeated the fact was Dayton was horrible. Going into a game believing your going to win isn't the same as actually winning. It took a great coach to turn this program around. Kids believed they were going to win and they had a coach that made sure they were prepared and did win. It literally took another staff 1 year to post the worst record for Dayton since 1995. I hope your right though and Dayton goes 10-0 and I will surely give credit where it's do. 
  11. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    How long did it take Stewart to take a bottom dweller program at Dayton to the playoffs? Also didn't answer my question on your record.
  12. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Mind me asking what your record was when you played. I'm just assuming you played in 93 or 94?
  13. State 7 on 7 Schedule (Local Teams)

    Don't think they played in any state qualify tournaments. 
  14. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Oh I don't know if they will beat everybody. I just think other than Crosby they should be favored in every other game. I believe they were 8-2 last year and will be better this year. They return some good talent and will have a full year under their belt with some excellent coaching. Just prior to last year BH was horrible and last year they were very close to beating a nice PNG team and playing in the second round. A good coaching staff can turn a program around in a hurry. Just like a bad coaching staff can ruin a program in a hurry.
  15. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Yes he did. Watched him since little dribblers at the hill and he was always a great kid and athlete.