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  1. Underrated

    New the kid was special from the time he played little dribblers at BH. Dad was a good coach and Max was always the best player on the court. Good group of kids.
  2. Well my numbers are 6-0 front and backwards. Pats just killed me with that 4th down call. Kick the freaking fg for me please. Hell I don't care who wins the game give me my grand. Lol
  3. Patriots @ Chiefs

    Very valid point. Brady is doing things that will never be duplicated. What a lot of people don't take into consideration when talking about Brady getting hit is he gets rid of the ball so fast. He is playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers. I get the jealousy most people have when it comes to Brady. Hell hes 6"5 good looking guy married to a super model that makes more money than he does. Couple that with being the best that has ever played the most important position on the field along with 5 Super Bowls and I get it. But it shouldn't take away from his greatness.
  4. Patriots @ Chiefs

    LMAO. At his age that is partying. 
  5. Patriots @ Chiefs

    He is unreal and Edleman has the biggest stones in the league. Dude knows he is going to get lit up and never short arms it. Chiefs will be good for a while if they keep that core together and stay healthy. Great game.
  6. Rams @ Saints

    NFL got what they wanted. Everyone loves that young coach. One of the worst no calls I have ever seen and most likely would have ended the game with a chip shot field goal for the Saints with no time left. Kinda makes you wonder.
  7. Year end and year out one of the most disciplined teams I have seen play. Excellent fundamentals (tackling, blocking). Kids always play hard. Really great Coaching and program. Went and watched them play Wimberly 2 years ago in the semis. Hell every time Wimberly would run a screen those kids sniffed it out so quick I bet Wimberly had - yards on screens.
  8. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Young man is a class act I wish him the best. Hope he finds a good situation and I'm sure with his athletic ability he will.
  9. CFB Championship Game

    TL is an absolute stud. Kid has the size arm strength to spar accurate and cool as they come. If it wasn't mandatory he stay in school kid would be the first pick in the NFL draft.
  10. Aledo Does It Again!

    Talent coaching and overall program will have them continuing to rack up State Championships. After watching the PNG Marshall game everybody was saying how Marshall was this powerhouse with to much speed for anyone to handle. Then Marshall goes on to get a very fortunate win against Huntsville and a nail biter against CC. Move forward to Aledo who just man handles them. Our area has a long way to go on the 5a level to even think about winning a State Championship.
  11. I believe 8. Some really good players coming back though and almost all skill positions.
  12. Lol. Coach Kays 2nd ring and both have been miracles. Guy must be living right.
  13. Kay making some really nice calls. Last couple plays were nice.
  14. Dunkanville kinda beating their self. Missing some nice opportunities.