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  1. Wow. Congrats Liberty. Don't watch much softball but sounds like y'all have a special group over there.
  2. St Pius X is Open

    They put a beat down on the team that won the 5a D2 title game last year. Always loaded with talent. Nice when you can recruit.
  3. TSWA All State 5A

    Couldn't agree with this statement enough. Those 3 kids were unbelievable. Kid from HP probably had one of the best games I have ever seen given the competition and stage.
  4. The coach debate

    HP had the best high school football player on the field. Kid might not have the size to be a stud at the college level but definitely had enough talent to dominate at the high school level. Him and that #88 shredded that Manvel defense that had all those athletes. Also Manvel is a very well coached team I just think HP could do something that equalizes everything. They could throw the heck out of the ball.
  5. The coach debate

    So your saying TW thinks he will be winning at BH?
  6. The coach debate

    No. You actually said he hadn't been to a title game at Westlake. 
  7. The coach debate

    He didn't win it because a kid missed a 27 yd fg to win the game and they lost in OT. This year he was 14-1 and was beat in the semis by Cy Fair by 6 pts I believe. The same Cy Fair that blew out Waco ithe next week. I would say he has done a great job.
  8. The coach debate

    Thought Dodge just took Westlake to a title game a couple years ago against NS. Kid missed a chip shot fg or he would have won.
  9. Goodman out at Navasota

    Great question. Heck we're keeping a coach that's racked up 7 total wins his first 2 seasons and broke a 20 year playoff streak. He did continue his streak of not making the playoffs this year though and followed up a 4 win season last year with 3 wins this year. Dude from Navasota must not know the right people.
  10. The coach debate

    Agree completely. Just look what's happened to Dayton when Stewart left. Stewart won district I believe 10 times. He also had a ton of playoff wins. Since he stepped down from head coach no district titles. Heck we can't even make the playoffs anymore and up until he completely left the program Dayton had one of the longest playoff streaks in the state. Give me a great coach and he will find Jimmy and Joes. 
  11. What is your favorite memory of the 2017 season

    When Dayton seniors got their final home game win.
  12. Stepp's Mock Realignment

    I won't beat a dead horse so I will just ask you a question to answer your question. Should Humble be horrible year after year? I say no but the fact is they are and even with what I consider more than enough talent to be a playoff team they will be horrible again next year. 
  13. What happened to D-FW this year?

    Definitely not.
  14. What happened to D-FW this year?

    Gunter. I like Brock a lot though. Heck they just started playing football and have a title and a title appearance.
  15. State Championships Update Thread

    That would have been 6 for sure. Something tells me lil Bishop is going to have a talk with the coach about throwing the ball away. He killed any chance they had with some really poor decisions on their last 2 drives.