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  1. I know I'm an outsider on this game and definitely was not there to critic anything. I'm also sure PAM has a great defense but if the stats I saw are correct and Central had 18 offensive yards that tells me their offense is terrible. When you can only come up with a little over 4 yds offense a quarter that's a lot more than PAM defense being just that good. 
  2. Dayton vs Humble

    The kid they have kicking is efficient enough at least for xtra points. He has a good leg but on any thing over 30 yds it's a crap shoot. I think Dayton just kept running that swinging gate or whatever they want to call it because they could. Splendora was very bad and they where able to work on it in game conditions and not have to really worry about it. 
  3. Dayton vs Humble

    That would be nice. Went for 2 on almost every td last week so maybe 2 tds and a 2 point conversion. Lol
  4. Warren @ Hardin

    Is Warren any good. I saw they played Tarkington reasonably well. I know Tarkington isn't great but they are a 4a school. Any way I hope Hardin gets the W.
  5. Dayton vs Humble

    Well I think the top 3 spots are pretty much a given. Dayton plays imo the top 3 teams in our district over the following 4 weeks after this game. I agree the loser of this game has a very tough road to earn a playoff spot.
  6. Dayton vs Humble

    Humble always looks huge with tons of athletes then the game starts and they fall apart. Could be a nasty program if they ever get it figured out.  Hoping Dayton puts on a good performance and improves to 2-0 in district. 
  7. DCTF Rankings - 9/18/17

    St Pius X must be loaded again. Put 58 on College Station. 
  8. Top High School Football teams of all time

    Briles had those teams playing some serious ball. If it wasn't for Stephenville LM would probably have had 6 titles. Denison was nasty to but kept getting beat by LM in state championship games. Think all 3 of LM titles in the 90's came at Denison's expense. Over the years I have seen so many great texas high school teams. Have seen hundreds of games with my dad and nothing like Texas High School football. 
  9. Top High School Football teams of all time

    They couldn't beat Stephenville though. Lost 3 state championship games to them in the 90's. Beat LM 93,94 and 98 I believe.
  10. Active winning streaks

    Wimberley is a top 10 program pretty much every year. Not sure what they put in the water there but excellent football program. Oh yeah Bach on topic. Dayton has extended their winning streak to 1.
  11. Humble 50 Conroe Caney Creek 30/FINAL

    I agree. Putting 50 on CC after what CC did to Livingston last week is fairly impressive. If Humble doesn't beat their self they have the talent to beat anyone in our district on a given night.
  12. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    True. Scary part is Manvel can't even win a title.
  13. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    Think Manvel squeaked by Pearland 45-7.
  14. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    Funny you said that. I think not playing Manvel was a huge blessing. Not much to gain from that game except injuries.
  15. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    I know I was off. Sounds like it was a great game. Wish it was later in the year and I would have been there.