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  1. HD has about the same chance as the New York Giants did against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl a few years ago.  Remember the Giants barely got in playoffs while New England came in undefeated.  How did that turn out?  I am not saying HD is going to win but I am saying if they put together the right "1" game they can take this.  I promise you won't find a team with more heart. 
  2. Buna won, 41-28 I believe
  3. I think HD wins tonight.  I don't think it will be a blow out by no means, but I think they get the win.  It wasn't "fans" that said anything about best RB duo in the state, it was one fan said they are one of the best.  Some of us are very level headed folks that just love Bobcat football.  89 Falcon, I have never in my life met a person that is so negative.  I am not even trying to argue with some of the facts you bring up, for example the usual first round departure.  That's just fact, what I find very childish is the calling teams, fans, and towns horrible and trash, but hey you just keep doing you.  Having said that I understand we do have a fan or two that can be over the top, but you could address that/them without having to trash everyone else.
  4. Hull-Daisetta won 3-0
  5. If you choose HD game you could eat in Moss Hill at Redd's Grill or Simply Country, both very good.  Los Compadres in Hardin is good also.  There is a place to eat in Hull that was there when I was a kid that has reopened, but I have not tried it and not sure of name.  Its more of a small town diner.  I can try to get some info on it if you are interested.
  6. I agree, I believe it will be a close game.  
  7. Thanks, I didn't see that one.
  8. The only line of comparison I have found and it's probably not the best but here goes: Deweyville lost by 8 pts to Evadale, which beat West Hardin by 8 points also. HD beat WH 34-0.  Anyone have a better comparison from this season?
  9. I am going HD, could be a close game though.  I fully admit this is a biased opinion as I will always see how HD can win the game.  Any other opinions?
  10. Hardin 42 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    I agree, fans and players have every right to get excited.  A win is a win.  You are the one that brought up HD, so don't get mad if we bring up history.  Enjoy the victory and I for one hope there are more on the way.