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  1. Hj vs livingston 6pm kountze....  tuesday
  2. Top Coaches

    I agree, but think it is comparing apples to oranges....  What works at Buna wont necessarily work at kountze.... what Works at United wont work at Lumberton....   At the end of the day it is about preperation, putting a plan in place, getting kids to buy in to that plan and execute it.... To answer, there are about 10-15 coaches in this area that I would loved to have my daughters play for.  Each has their own strengths.  I know it is vague, but its the truth IMO.
  3. Great job to the Players and Coaching staff at PNG.   Way to write a new history for the program!  Now its time to build on that!
  4. Top Coaches

    Kind of a loaded question....   There are a ton of coaches at places with talent that is not near the level of other places but those people do a heck of a job developing what they have...   I will say this our area has alot of outstanding basketball coaches in all classifications 6A-1A
  5. State Bound?

    Jersey Village's guards were some of the best I have seen in 18 years of doing this... Smooth and dont get rattled...  United can/ should hurt them inside....   Thats way ahead though... one game at a time.... slow and steady!    Hope all our teams in our area get after it the next 3 weeks!
  6. Rusk 35 Center 30/FINAL

    Really think the Center coach did an outstanding job this year!  Its hard to change the culture of a program sometimes.  He did a great job as the year went on getting his girls to buy in and play hard.
  7. nice run BC!  Good things happening over there!
  8. 21-5A predictions

    it is done at the tabc clinic in may in san antonio....  they put it in the registration packet and not many turn them in....
  9. 21-5A predictions

    those TABC district picks are picked by the coaches in those districts....   each coach ranks... (not all turn in, so sometimes they are skewed) As far as rankings, they are done by a guy who normally hasnt seen many play, but tries to do the best he can...   All he has to go off of is win or loss and vs who.   Where the game was played and final score doesnt have any bearing.... At the end of the day, the playoffs are the ultimate ranker!  Time for our area teams to go to work!
  10. Great atmosphere in Sour Lake tonight... full gym, loud band, and 2 good teams getting after it.   Congrats Lady Hawks on the District title.  And good luck to Silsbee, LCM and Bridge City in the playoffs!
  11. HJ won by 20 or so... able to get alot of girls good minutes
  12. Does anyone have current standings for this district?  I know Livingston is at the top and a pretty good log jam under that..
  13. Pam vs BH/PAM WINS!

    Great win for Coach Henry amd the Lady Titans!!
  14. HJ 74 LCM 46 final

    Congrats to Lady Hawk Tunisha Strong who became the Hardin Jefferson Lady Hawks all time leading scorer.  She had 24 points tonight and her career scoring total now sits at 2,952....