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  1. Prediction playoffs score

    Again, I really have no hard feeling for PAM, I like PAM and the football team and coaches. I just look at match ups and see this one being a lot closer in the area of PAM losing because of match up. that's all
  2. Prediction playoffs score

    Your defense is not defending area offenses now. It's a match up delima PAM is facing. just don't match up.
  3. Prediction playoffs score

    Still have to play it out. Never know!!
  4. Prediction playoffs score

    Unless PAM gets a disciplined offense I don’t see them having success when it breaks down and becomes more like playground football. I do hope I’m wrong at PA rolls em!!! Their defense is better than PAM’s offense or offensive scheme. 
  5. Prediction playoffs score

    Maybe so. Got to see who they match up against first. 
  6. Prediction playoffs score

    I have no reason to hate PA, I just think they get beat this weekend, just like PNG will if Crosby's running back is 100%, also Vidor and LCM. Nederland and WOS only ones getting past first round. I do hope all of these teams win, I just don't think they match up well with who they play. Hope I'm wrong.
  7. So when we doing lunch guys? Biaplayer you need to put down the crow gumbo.
  8. Mid County Madness predictions

    You guys going to have an even harder time stopping the Crosby RB. 
  9. Mid County Madness predictions

    Dude, we returned the pouch kick to the 35, that’s what happened. So if you kicked it out of the Enzone we would have started on the 25. Hanging your hat on a ten yard difference is a little weak for an excuse for blaming a pouch kick. 
  10. Mid County Madness predictions

    We started the drive on the 35. You kick in the end zone we start on the 25. I hope you are smarter than that and can see the pooch kick was not the deal breaker in this game. Would have loved to have seen y’all kick it deep and we returned it to the fifty. What then?, dang we should have pooch kicked! Just stir the pot and get ya some crow!!
  11. Mid County Madness predictions

    Just wondering when my PNG posters are hungry and want to go eat at the Wheelhouse for lunch?
  12. Mid County Madness predictions

    Wow hanging the balance of this game on a pooch kick! 10 to 15 yards is what you give up on a pooch kick. Way to dig deep biaplayer! How about a good ole out coached, out played as a team, beat down and leave it at that.
  13. Monte Barrow...A new era begins

    Armchair quarterback? The entire stadium was yelling go for two!! So if we would have missed it WE would have backed the call and our coach.