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  1. Trever Kimbell Sr 1 Bridge City 4/18/19 Mason Gonzales Sr 1 OF 4/16/19  
  2. Dear Mom and Dad: Cool it

    Dear Mom and Dad: Cool it By Karissa Niehoff, Executive Director of the National Federation of State High School Associations, and David Anderson, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association. If you are the mother or father of a high school athlete here in Wisconsin, this message is primarily for you.  (I’m sure it applies to Texas!)   It’s true. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Sports Officials, more than 75 percent of all high school officials say “adult behavior” is the primary reason they quit. And 80 percent of all young officials hang up their stripes after just two years of whistle blowing. Why? They don’t need your abuse.
  3. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    I agree with you however no high school program will invest 3 years into developing a different offense. It would take revamping the 7th Offense & teaching that grade level a new offense.    I don’t think anyone from a school would welcome say... Woodville to go 6-4 for 2 or 3 years to run a modified Double Wing T like Pleasant Grove's does    I’m sure their parents would be going crazy as soon as a team goes 3 & out on pass for a qrt and as soon as that happens they would be screaming why are we changing when the double wing t works just fine. 
  4. Anahuac 21 Orangefield 9/FINAL

    Wish you would have sent them the memo. 
  5. Anahuac 21 Orangefield 9/FINAL

    it was, OF went for 2 to come within 10 points in the last 4 mins of the game. Didn't get the onside kick and Anahuac score again on a long run i think.
  6. Anahuac 21 Orangefield 9/FINAL

    Not sure. couple of INT's and long run sweeps in the actual game... However, Anahuac did come out to play and had a desire to prove something and they did.
  7. Orangefield 20 Shepherd 7/FINAL

    Several key stops for the DL. The first series for O defensively was huge after the initial kick off. 
  8. Orangefield @ Shepherd Game Change

    I personally have been impressed with out running game. OF has 3 or 4 backs that has OF Speed. I like the read option for both our bigger backs.  Should be a good game.   DL will determine the winner of this game. IMO. 
  9. Orangefield 41 Livingston 0/FINAL

    I know the game was a little sloppy & two huge penalties to cancel some TD but the fact that we threw another Pass for a TD and another TD off the read option is great news next time maybe no penalties. 
  10. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Johnny Armstrong   Jr  OF  1 vs WOS 4/17/18
  11. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Mason Gonzales.  Jr. OF 1 vs LCM 4/6/18
  12. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Mason Gonzales.  Jr. OF 1 vs LCM 4/3/18
  13. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    3/12:/18 Mason Gonzales.  Jr.  OF 1 (vs Woodville) 
  14. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Mason Gonzales Jr OF 1 (vs HJ)
  15. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Brett Fregia. Sr. OF. 1 (vs Buna) Mason Gonzales Jr. OF 1 ( vs Evadale).