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  1. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    I think EC will have to use all their playbook on offense and defense. I think EC has a great game plan on both sides of the ball for this game. Just have to execute it to the "T", without turnovers and EC will be fine. Playing Woodville in Woodville will be a challenge !!!! Heck, I like a good challenge.
  2. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    EC will have to take away what Woodville does best and that is they put 11 players tight and pound the ball. They run a lot of misdirection. I'm not saying EC can do it, but EC will have to make Woodville find another way to beat them. Which is not a small task. Woodville QB look ok to me, but I would take my chances on the passing game over the running game. Woodville will execute their offense very well. Their guards pull well, they block well, and their backs find the hole and hit it hard. Again, saying it and doing it are two different things. This game will be like a playoff game early, early in the season. I would like to have seen this game played late district play to set up playoff atmosphere.
  3. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    Well I guess all the smack talking is over. Only thing left now is crow for some after the game!!!! Smack talking will pick back up next year !!!!
  4. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    Look at the head to head, your up by 1? HF has always been  the bigger school and should be way ahead but that is not the case (Overestimated ?). Yes it shows some years(90's) but this is not that year. EC has been where HF is at, but that is the past and we are talking about this year. Need I say more?
  5. Gives new meaning for: go play yourself. At Home !!!!!
  6. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    Hey, I forgot to mention. If your going to use my line. It should at least make sense. He must have run out of gas before game because EC 49 Kountze 0. LOL  Like I said he ran out of gas against HF in 4th or maybe different outcome. 
  7. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    I figured you would like the first blood comment. A little bit of smack talk reminds me of the days when HF was in our District. Anahuac did go toe-toe with HF till 4th. 14 points of HJ was scooped fumbles for TD. I will say that if EC does not clean up fumbles and dangles that carrot, HF will definitely want to spoil EC Homecoming. All in All I pray it's a good clean game with no injuries for either team and both teams know it's a sport of competition not Hate. P.S. No way HF wins this game. (Just a little smack to make you laugh.) I'll be here Sat. either way it goes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  8. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    Halftime  Hamshire Fannett 23  Kountze 14. Struggled?              Kountze RB Adams ran out of gas second half. Win by 21 points and now your going to take on the world. Sometimes you have to play the game to shut some people up. EC might have underestimated HF 1 year but HF has always over estimated themselves. Need I say more ? All I can say is you drew first blood.
  9. EC gave up too scoop ball for TD's for 14 points. They are going to have to clean that up before District. HJ did make two pretty good drives. I think both teams will learn a lot from this game and will make both teams better for district.
  10. 3AD1 Discussion -

    That's why we play the game!!!! Everyone has lost a game that they should not have and change the whole dynamics of the district. It's not over till the fat lady sings. 
  11. Anahuac 33 Tarkington 13/FINAL

    Good win Panthers !!!!
  12. Sounds like a good one for HJ. Congrats !!!!
  13. Prayer for this young man for full recovery.
  14. I agree that playing up on pre-season will elevate program but that is the coaches decision. Neither one of us coach at EC. Applying is not a offer.