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  1. Area Round: East Chambers vs West

    He has to be if he run the ball over 50% of the time and come in first in your district over Grandview. EC defense will have to step it up a notch!!!! How do you know the kid?
  2. Area Round: East Chambers vs West

    I think your going to need more than 1 horse to be successful on offense. Now if they can have some success throwing the ball it will help #7 for the run. 
  3. Area Round: East Chambers vs West

    Lionpride08 is correct on their defense looks better than crocketts but they struggle on offense. Watch West vs Grandview and QB (#7) ran the ball at least 50% of the time if not more. If QB did not run the ball, it was sweep to the outside most of the time. The offense looked very predictable to me but we will see. They threw the ball very little, maybe 5 times from what I remember. Their defense looked fairly good but did see linebackers going threw wrong gaps but coaches may have called for it. Stop the QB and their offense will stop. Might be easier said than done !!!!!! We will see next Friday at 1PM.
  4. After the football game some of the Crockett football players came over and was congratulating our kids. Very classy Crockett !!!!! I talked with #1, 12, 27 and they were all very well mannered. I asked #12 if he was a Jr or Sr. He told me he  was a Soph. LOL Again very classy Crockett team.
  5. Diboll 31 Buna 26/FINAL

    Heck of a game Buna. Way to represent district 12!!!!
  6. Franklin 43 Hardin 0/FINAL

    You trashed our whole district predicting everyone would lose but Woodville. Didn't give credit EC or Buna a chance to win. But you did predict Hardin would score because they were so good and had enough tricks. You predict Franklin to win Region 3. Buna exposed Diboll and their district now your backtracking on Franklin. Again everything you predicted was wrong. I like to support our local teams but you obviously don't. I predicted Buna would have a good chance to beat Diboll and they did. Great job Buna !!!! Way to represent !!!!!
  7. Look everything you said was wrong !!!! EC won, Hardin did not score against Franklin and Buna almost beat Diboll. Your wrong again with your next week prediction. West is not much better than crockett. Yes they have a decent team but they are not better than crockett. Yoe will be much better in the third round if EC makes it to that game. I'm not sure what you have up your back side with EC but everything you predicted was wrong !!!! I personally pull for our local teams but to each their own.
  8. I guess your historical data is BS!!!!
  9. Diboll vs Buna

    I think Buna has a decent shot at this game if they play mistake free. Wish this game was on Friday I would try to make it.
  10. Buna 70 Hardin 14/FINAL

    I agree with you and don't think it would ever happen, but the top two teams sometimes meet in the 2nd-3rd round. The second best team in the state is out early. It would make it more interesting but agree increase in injuries would keep it from happening.
  11. Buna 70 Hardin 14/FINAL

    How about 2 teams double elimination. Would have to play 2 games a week to keep same schedule? Just a thought. UIL might not let 2 games a week but it's still a good talking point.
  12. Hardin at Buna

    I've been in Houston getting ready for 2019 turnaround. Here is my take. Hardin has improved much this year, but the road has come to an end. Now before you start calling me a Hardin hater, I'm looking at the facts and taking my best guess. They have struggled with Anahuac and Orangefield which will not be in the playoffs and won by a good margin against a rebuilding Kirbyville, Blowout Warren (0-8). Also beat 2 private schools and weak New Waverly. Not the strongest schedule with Buna and Woodville left on the schedule. Will face Franklin or Diboll in the playoffs. Hardin has taken a giant step in the right direction but the next step is to compete with the top playoff teams. EC has had some years like Hardin, but lately have been blessed with some good coaches and great players that has been able to compete with some great playoff teams.So if EC can do it so can Hardin. Like I said before: Don't count your chickens before the hatch and enjoy your success !!!!! Good luck to both teams!!!!
  13. Hardin at Buna

    Buna is predicted to win but Hardin will play them a good game. If Buna stumbles Hardin will take advantage. Here is what I predict for the rest of district. Below:  Woodville 7-0 EC 6-1 Buna 5-2 Hardin 4-3 Anahuac 3-4   ; You could swap Anahuac and Orangfield. Orangefield 2-5 Kirbyville 1-6 Warren 0-7
  14. Hardin 18 Anahuac 14/FINAL

    14-0 in first quarter and not score again. What happened, Turnovers for quick scores or Hardin defense make adjusts? How long was the FG was it to make it 14-3 in second Q? Good win Hardin. You will play a tougher team next week for 3rd or 4th.