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  1. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    There is a huge Teacher/Coach shortage and this area pays very poorly. HF being one of the worst districts. Things are only gonna get worse. Next election dont vote for Dan Patrick and Abbott if you care about your kids education. 
  2. Colmesneil hires new coach

    When he took over the program their it was in really bad shape and the base of his team the first 2 years were freshman and soph. He had done alot of good over there and is on his way to being a top tier HC one day once he gets some talent around him. 
  3. So you hate teachers and women. Makes sense considering most teachers are women. You should try google if you want to understand why Briles shouldnt have got this job.
  4. West Hardin

    lol What are you talking about? I dont need an education to work a shut down or be a logger. I do happen to need one though to educate your kids and if you find a teacher who isnt working weekends then point me in the direction of that school that is that lax on planning. Now lets say I coach a sport or any other kind of activity. Well there goes those weekends and summers. from August till Christmas most coaches will work 7 days a week for a small stipend(thats just football, im not even counting spring sports). Considering a bunch of coaches and teachers are leaving to go work those shutdowns in the plants to make 2 to 3 times what they made as teachers and work less and not near as hard. I wouldnt call it a part time gig.. But hey buddy go get your degree and then student teach for a half a year unpaid and then take the state test which will cost you and then take your content test and become a teacher and work this part time gig. Their is a HUGE Teacher shortage and I would love for you to come step onto any of our campuses and show us what you got.
  5. West Hardin

    Part time gig?
  6. West Hardin

    Im sure there are a few but I know alot arent. I am not even sure what your point is. You must just like posting I guess.
  7. West Hardin

    Lolol not all my friend. Those salaries are a joke.
  8. West Hardin

    Well they have zero Larrys and very few Joe's.
  9. West Hardin

  10. West Hardin

    Sounds like you should have actually applied instead of just posting about it. That said you wouldnt get 65 because you wouldnt be the AD. They gave that to the basketball coach. Also they already hired someone.
  11. West Hardin

    I would love form them to hire you Skeeter. Please list your qualifications.
  12. West Hardin

    Sounds like they need to run these board members out of town. Just dont come to my town. We dont need yall crazy daddies here.
  13. West Hardin

    I dont think he means everyone. I think he is talking about the school board members and the people who were friendly to the coaches face and then ran their mouths on FB. Heck the AD they ran off was from there. Right after making the playoffs.
  14. West Hardin

    All because daddy was mad 
  15. West Hardin

    Here is how I heard it. A board member who has been out of control thought his son should be getting the ball more and pitched a fit to the coach during football season. Then when baseball came along the same board member didnt like the way baseball was going and went and got mouthy with the baseball coach. Since he didnt get what he wanted he went and rallied acouple of board members to try and non renew both coaches. This is after the best year in school history for athletics and thats not even counting if baseball wins and makes the playoffs Saturday. Some people just cant help but get over their ski's.