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Humble kingwood Park at Crosby Sept 23


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It's time for the offense to wake up and get on the same page. That offensive line likely got embarrassed yesterday in film session. 

But it's all the way around, misthrows, drops, not seeing the hole, poor blocking, bad decision making (on run and pass plays) 

add Poor kicking to the mix and we lose to our cross-town rival by 1. If that cannot motivate the Cougars then nothing will. It's time to put up or shut up for this offense. 


That being said I think we win this one, by how much will likely be a question for the offense. The defense will make sure this one stays simple and likely will help the offense but the offense needs to figure it out. 


0 games this year they have looked good. 


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This is going to be another very interesting game. Kingwood Park looked better on film against Sterling than BH did. Not sure the last time I've seen a Crosby team only averaging 25ppg nearly halfway through the season? Offense needs to play better this week or we're going to be in another bind. KP has the best QB/WR combination in the district and some legit trench guys. Their QB is good at escaping pressure and has a big arm. 

I think Yarborough will be healthy enough to get his first carries of the year this week and Womack should be a full go on offense but now Roberson is back down. Like the move made on the offensive line but execution has been our real issue this year, not necessarily the personnel. Throw in the fact that we historically play bad on homecoming anyway and here we are. 

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