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    • I agree. The only reason they are flying with Biden is the small hopes that his VP role with anointed one, Obama, will somehow pull out a win. 
    • I’m afraid it would come down to passing the torch and the “good” ones get eaten alive. 
    • You are correct.  They want to stay on the taxpayers teat as long as possible.  Dims and Republicans alike!
    • You’re a silly man. 
    • Okay... they can’t bring about prior arrest records and such of the defendant(s) as they’d be prejudicial towards them. In this case where we’re talking about the victim, it’s all fair game (as I understand it).  In rape cases, they don’t wait until the punishment phase to  sling mud at the accuser.    Has you or anybody you’ve worked with or trained with been sued for wrongful arrest after a person was found not guilty? Or by an arrestee who eventually had their charges dropped? If that was the case, you’d run out of enrollees at the academy.    I disagree with your “bop on the nose” scenario. What if I defend myself with a bat? Is that reasonable? Or am I, when criminally assaulted, only allowed to match my assailant’s weapon of choice? He hits me, I can hit him back. But I’d better not use a weapon.  However, if my assailant pulls a weapon of his own, now I am willing to engage him with a like weapon, but if I have a bigger stick, or match his knife with my gun, I’ll face murder charges.    And I guarantee that if I bop a cop on the nose, I’d be lucky to get out with just a felony and not a couple of bullet wounds. You, as a police officer, have no more rights to defend yourself than do I.     Lastly... what is the generally accepted definition of deadly force? Do you believe that brandishing a weapon is considered deadly force, or does that come it when the weapon is used? Because my interpretation of deadly force would be when the weapon was actually used. In this case that didn’t happen until the struggle over the weapon... and in instance deadly force would be completely usable beyond question.  Deadly force wasn’t used to stop anybody from jogging or fleeing. There was a mortal struggle initiated by the deceased when deadly force was used. Unless my definition is too restrictive.  I think of that cop from SC that shot a man in the back from about 50 feet away on camera. He’s rightfully in jail now.  There was a brief struggle and the victim made a break for it. He might have gotten the best of the officer in the struggle. It was just a traffic stop, nothing criminal if my memory is correct. THAT was wrong all of the way around.  
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