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  1. 2nd team -Keegan Curry Buna Sr -Desmond Hamilton Kountze Sr -Kayden Sells Kountze So -Darius Green EC Jr -Kameron Wyatt Woodville Jr -Julius Thrower Woodville Jr -Omari Lewis Woodville Sr
  2. 1st team -Zyon Clark Anahuac Sr -Garrison Connell Buna Jr -Kyler Stark Buna Sr -KK Morris EC Sr -Jacoby Perrault EC Jr -Dylan Winzer EC Jr -Jaylon Kibble Woodville Sr
  3. MVP Zac Sells Kountze So offensive mvp Connor Joubert Kountze Sr Defensive mvp Robert Bailey Anahuac Jr Newcomer Kayden Dill Buna So
  4. I think the reason people are questioning it because he only shot threes. Not very versatile, but was very good at 3s. There were a couple others in the running but nobody stood out. Maybe #0 or #11 for Buna or #15 for EC. But for the players that didn’t get the honors they thought they deserved is added inspiration for next year.
  5. Was wondering that myself. Several deserving for sure for the top awards
  6. Refs played a bigger part than they should have this game. But hats off to CH really good team.
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