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  1. png a team lost to crosby. png a team is 6-2(4-1) on the year. png b team beat crosby. 7-1 (5-0) b team district champs. sante fe and texas city dont have b teams.
  2. Png White 28 Crosby 6 Png purple 28 Crosby 52
  3. PNG Fresh Purple 22 Kingwood 21 Png Fresh White 36 Kingwood 7
  4. Png Fresh B 22 Dayton B. 0 Png Fresh A 14 Dayton A. 8
  5. Freshman A png 14 ned 12 Freshman B Png 8 ned 6
  6. png has close to a 500 person freshman class this year.from what i was told our freshmen class is bigger than west brook's.if this trend continues we may be looking at 5a d1 in few years.
  7. pressure is on nederland,lost the last 3 and if they dont get the w this year,it may be a few years before they have the dudes to beat png. got a good freshmen group but not much else.atleast thats what my nederland friends say.
  8. PNG freshman 42 Galveston Ball 28
  9. png has close to 500 freshman this year.one of there biggest classes in a while.
  10. Anyone know why jasper cancelled freshman game ? heard png is playing galveston ball freshman.
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