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  1. Coogs aren't worried about what DCTF has to say about em, all those fools ride Dallas Jocks every year anyhow.
  2. I would say against liberty hill style run we were obviously poor. But matched against yall i would say run defense will be the heavy favorite against the pass.
  3. Well if history were true then FBM should have blew us out after the OT game with HHS but here we are... And no worries, BST AND CROSBY WILL STAND TO THE OCCASION! GO COUGARS!
  4. Gamesday! Let's Go, eat em up Coogs!!! It should be extra loud on the coogs side with all the cowbells that fella made this week, man those suckers are loud!
  5. Incorrect, Visitor side is sold out, and the home side has 345 tickets left. Imo this matchup should have been played at a much larger stadium being a 5th round game.
  6. Go on and add #3 to this list as well! #GOCOOGS #ALLGASNOBREAKS
  7. 10 plays for 260 yards rushing and 4 TD- liberty hill Pioneer has 220 yards passing and 2 TD What a start for both teams
  8. Should be 13-0/7 right now smh the back ref stole that one from us, clear as day on the big screen
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