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  1. HOA already took my bonus but if you want to do a friendly pride wager. Let me know. If there was any year Silsbee did not win district. It would be this year when the best player in the district doesnt play for the Tigers.
  2. What is trolling about that? You do not think Lumberton can beat Silsbee?
  3. The playoff matchups are going to be a dandy HF vs a 4th place Orangefield. HH vs a 3rd place BC, HJ vs 2 Silsbee, 1 Lumberton vs Livingston or Shepherd?
  4. Was anyone at this game? I saw Harvey was under 20 and Huffman won by 20? How did that happen?
  5. Never worried. Coach got them right at half. January 8th looks like a big date.
  6. Who is #40? I saw him on Twitter doing good things. I didnt know Huffman had a post.
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