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  1. I guess that's why we're called the "league villans" if fans are still talking from the stands! lol... but good to see this team getting another win under their belt. Go Pirates!
  2. Dang, that's good to know, I was thinking he was junior for some reason. Hopefully he puts on some more weight this off-season to fill out that tall body of his and be even a bigger threat in the backfield this next season.
  3. I'm curious who's coming back for the backfield for Pirates. I know Sepulvado (Jr.) is coming back... but what about the big full back Watson is returning?
  4. This may be a dumb question. But does anyone know if they will be covering any SETX baseball games this season? It would be nice to see if they cover some (if any) Vidor games this season. Just curious if anyone has any info with the season fixing to start.
  5. WTG Pirates! Way to fight thru all the adversity to the end (no pun intended) and pull off the win tonight!
  6. I sure hope not, I'm tired of floods, hurricanes, and evacuating. Hopefully we can be more competitive this season without any hiccups!
  7. Not really sure how the freshman team fared but JV won district. So that's pretty promising.
  8. A little late on this... but great season Crosby! It's amazing the turn around from a year ago with a new HC to make it all the way to the state title game. It was a pleasure watching y'all's run this season. Can't wait to see how y'all turn out next year!
  9. I noticed that LH didn't run their QB alot myself either and used their backs mostly for alot of their runs. But that offense is truly about blocking and schemes. It's a beautiful thing when it's run properly like how they do it. This year when we went to the pistol set, and then back under to the Slot T, made me realize that's our bread and butter, but Vidor does primarily use the QB alot as the runner alot in years passed. Last summer, I asked my nephew and his cousin who also was on the team in 2019 how many plays they have for that type of offense, he said over 40 plays, which
  10. im guessing you've never heard that saying before.😐
  11. Lock the gates, and give 'em 48 minutes of hell, Coogs! Good luck, Crosby!
  12. My nephew showed me some of their film before the 2019 season when Mathews went during the spring that year. Which is when we switched up to the "hurry up" Slot T. But LH is the real deal running the T, Vidor just hasn't had the stable of RBs to run it the past few seasons, but we've had the size and speed for the o-line. So really the personnel hasn't been there really.
  13. Yeah, I could only think of a few coming back on both sides of the ball. But that 2019 was much more well rounded team compared to this team last season. I think we can still compete in district for the 2-4 spots. We have a good non district schedule that will prepare us, barring any hurricanes.😐
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