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  1. You are not lying. My grandmother used to save me the sports section every weekend just for that.
  2. Anywhere I can get the stats from this game? Please don't say Max Preps cause they aren't accurate.
  3. Since it was such a great game last night, I think we can accommodate that.🤣
  4. we can give up our share of leftover crow that we had in the deep freezer from the past few seasons.😂😂
  5. LCM offense seems to be clicking as of late, but that Jasper D is something else. This is gonna be a great game nonetheless.
  6. How should we serve this crow, grilled or deep fried? 👨🏼‍🍳
  7. I agree, without them none of these games are possible. But they did keep the game under control with all the personal fouls last night. But the flags were equally thrown pretty much both ways. But still a great game anyways!
  8. I was surprised they enforced that dead ball foul on the kickoff instead of the PAT myself, but those refs couldn't find their butt from a hole in the ground most of the night anyways.😂
  9. Absolutely! These teams were going at it tonight, even with all the personal fouls and everything. Both squads showed alot of heart. This game tonight, will make both teams better for it. Alot of heart played with both teams tonight!
  10. It was electric tonight, I told my family before been got there it was gonna be packed and be loud tonight and they were! Reminded me of the 2011 "Game of the Century" between #1 LSU and #2 Bama. Defensive struggle all night! Literally grown man SEC type of ball game tonight.
  11. Great game tonight! My voice is hoarse and I got a pounding headache. Good luck the rest of the season, Dawgs. Glad the Pirates are idle this next week, we're pretty beat up after tonight.
  12. I think Vidor can keep the Jasper D and their secondary honest tonight. This Pirate QB can throw it and sees the field very well. But we'll see.👀
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