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  1. Just that Vidor will be playing Bellaire Episcopal at home this season to replace St. Pius X. So, does anyone have any info on them? Only thing I know is that former Alabama star and newly drafted Miami Dolphin, Jaylen Waddle is an alumni from there.👀
  2. Man Jasper is gonna have a tough sledding in pre-district this year.😬
  3. Yup he played basketball too, he graduated in 2003. So he wasn't on those good Pirate basketball teams we had between 2003-2005.
  4. Thank y'all so much for the info, it's my first time subscribing to DCTF and wasn't sure about the magazine and how it works! lol Looking forward to the 2021 SETX football season! 🙌🏼
  5. Any idea when DCTF will drop the fall football edition magazine? I just signed up and ordered for it. Just curious when they they usually send them out. Thanks, piratevillain
  6. Yup , he played basketball as well. His little brother Jared, went to Texas Tech on a football scholarship as well but didn't really pan out with him there. Not sure what happened with that.
  7. Congrats to Ernest Ceaser and Ayden Bell for winning the award! Well deserved!!
  8. Okay, thank you! I was was wondering but I wasn't sure because of the date posted! lol
  9. From Vidor it would be have to be Jason Gooch who ended up playing at Louisiana Tech.
  10. I wanna say they release them around April or May, but I know they're out before the end of the calendar school year though.
  11. I guess that's why we're called the "league villans" if fans are still talking from the stands! lol... but good to see this team getting another win under their belt. Go Pirates!
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