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  1. I believe someone said on Twitter it came down to SFA and Lamar
  2. Former Cardinal Kasen Harrison has committed to Louisiana. Tech
  3. Nvm just saw where Kasen has committed to Louisiana Tech
  5. I like this list I would have to add PJ Haggerty from Crosby as well.
  6. The Clarendon coach wins a state championship in his 1st year as head coach only 25 years old.
  7. Maan what a game... both these teams will be back with kimball being back 3 starters and United 4
  8. This gonna be a dog fight to the finish... Kimball was down 18 to Lancaster going in the 4th..
  9. I think next year will be better Than this year. Mainly undefeated because of Covid Schedule... not being able to play top competition across the state
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