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  1. I hope Nederland is back on track. If not there is a great possibility of them sitting at the house come playoff time
  2. just don’t know if Big Ned can score enough points. Offense is still making too many penalties and still not very good. They only had a 13-7 halftime lead The defense is playing well in some games, but not so good in others(PNG and Silsbee) I just don’t know what defense is going to show up, but have played pretty well the last 2 games, so hopefully coming on. They very well could sit at the he house come playoff time if they lose this one Sure hope they play well
  3. what a district this year. Crosby probably 7-0 BH, Nederland, PNG, TC anywhere from 5-2 to 4-3. heck TC could go 6-1 gteat chance that whoever loses the BH/Ned game this week sits at home during the playoffs BH/ TC and PNG/TC games are also big ones to see who goes and who sits WOW 4 teams just about the same
  4. Boy, how bout those Raiders They are surprising just about everyone Way to Go and keep it up
  5. Nederland played good defense against Austin, Santa Fe, and Texas City. They did not play good defense against Silsbee or PNG. Hopefully they will put all things together against Dayton. If they lose this one, unfortunately they will wind up 6-4 and sitting at the house come playoff time. Dogs, put it together this week!
  6. Don’t know if the Dogs can score enough points to win this one. Offense is struggling
  7. Thanks for the spelling correction. You can call it complaining, I simply call it telling it like it is
  8. Put #11 at RB. He could possibly get 3-4 yards a carry. Simply need to find a QB who is an accurate passer. I don’t know if they have one. I know if they lose to Dayton the season is probably over. I just can’t see them beating BH or Crosby the way they are playing now. I know they beat PNG for Mid County Madness and ONG beat BH, however PNG’s offense is much better than the Dogs offense. Dayton, BH, and Crosby are very capable of scoring a lot of points
  9. Did you watch the offense vs Texas City! The OL was BAD, the QB was BAD, the pass routes were BAD. There is either a major lack of talent are poor coaching are a combination of the 2. Yes, the same coaching staff, so where does the problem lie?
  10. Nederland’s OL is bi, slow, and did not block anyone They have slow runnng backs, and I know this is probably their best QB, however he is the worst they have had in many a year. They either beat Dayton are sit at the house when the playoffs get here. The defense played their hearts out except for the TD right before the half. They are still not very good after 6 games. Who ever coaches the OL and QB positions are doing a poor job.
  11. Nederland’s OL getting destroyed, very slow and can’t stay on blocks and bad game #6 for Nederland’s QB
  12. could well be for the district title, but Woodville could be in the mix. should be a good game. Kirbyville may get the #4 spot unless Buna turns it around
  13. Lumberton is Lumberton They play hard, but not enough talent to be successful They do well in non district because they schedule weak teams. It simply does not prepare them for the district they are in, which is stronger this season than the past 3-4 seasons.
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