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  1. Texanlive.com will have live audio on this game with video 1 hr after it is over.
  2. Texanlive.com will have the game live audio and 1 hr after video.
  3. Listen live on Texanlive.com and watch game 1 hour after it is over. Bert
  4. Agreed We are not one school. There were lots to work on I am harder on myself than most. Thanks for the feedback. Bert
  5. We have video to back up the plays so we don't Radio broadcast. We had 15 games so i called the game and had a new person doing color. I'm not a Idiot though i work hard and have given back for years to community and LOCAL schools. Thanks Bert Brocker Owner of TL
  6. We do 700 games a year with video I agree we do not call the games like radio. We did 15 last night alone
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