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  1. Good luck to the new Head Coach. I hope he is allowed to assemble his own staff and had no preconditions on who he must keep to get the job. How can you justify keeping Nations on as AD? Dayton ISD must have plenty of money to throw around.
  2. Agree. If not, the head coach is not really in charge of the football program and nothing much will likely change.
  3. I hope they let the chosen candidate choose his own staff.
  4. How do you keep any job when you only win 20% of your regular season games during the four seasons you are HC and AD? The School Board and Adm. should be ashamed
  5. From my perspective, after watching one game, its early and still work to be done, especially free throws, but they looked good. Two girls did not play but I don't know if they were starters. The freshman guard looks promising #23. They should have a good year.
  6. Congrats to the Barbers Hill Lady Eagles and their new coach!
  7. Not a good idea. Not likely to get a quality head coach without the AD job included.
  8. After going 4-6, 3-6, 0-10, and what looks to be 1-9 this season, it is obvious a major change has to made with the coaching staff, not just shuffling the current staff around or adding a coach or two. No one should realistically expect to win or compete at a championship level every year, but Dayton should be more competitive than the record indicates. Effort by the players does not appear to be the problem.
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