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  1. Nikki Haley would be a strong candidate for President 2024.
  2. I am optimistic the changes in the staff at Dayton will attract more participation, improve the product put on the field, and reverse the downward spiral of the last four years. Whether or not it was talent level issue may take longer than 2 years to determine, as it fluctuates from year to year, but improvement should be rather quick.
  3. So, is it your opinion that any regime that has been in place at least 2 years has no excuses?
  4. Has a time been determined for the Hardin/Woodville game in Kountze?
  5. Good luck to the new Head Coach. I hope he is allowed to assemble his own staff and had no preconditions on who he must keep to get the job. How can you justify keeping Nations on as AD? Dayton ISD must have plenty of money to throw around.
  6. Agree. If not, the head coach is not really in charge of the football program and nothing much will likely change.
  7. I hope they let the chosen candidate choose his own staff.
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