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  1. When is HF expecting to get all of their starters back? I hope soon, regardless of how high they should have finished in district when healthy, they were definitely a playoff team and that community had high expectations. If they don’t come back soon they might be to far back to climb back into playoff contention.
  2. I’m just saying if HF is supposed to be in the convo for making it to regionals the team should be good enough to beat a below average shepherd team without 2 starters. I guess my point is HF must rely on their best player more than I thought. Yes if Lumberton loses Brock they lose most games but that’s not a secret, that’s why I don’t see them making it past Silsbee, Huffman, HJ and HF much less teams like Yates . All I heard before the season started was how great HF and their coach is going to be and maybe we just need to pump the brakes a little bit. I promise you HJ and Huffman could play
  3. Even down two players a team that is expected to win district and make a run at the region should find a way to win this one. Shepherd has one player, coach should be able to figure out a way to slow him down.
  4. How were people wrong? Not saying Nederland kid was better but him and Bush were 2a and 2b. Best overall player in SETX last year was Kasen Harrison from BU.
  5. Taking nothing away from Ceaser he is a great player but greatest in EC history? Give me Tramaine Thomas all day if I’m starting a team with greatest EC players of all time.
  6. What two starters was HJ missing? I think I know who one is, but who was the other? Does anyone know when they are expected back?
  7. I understand Yates could win region 3 5a. I have not seen them play his year, but I did last year. Would you say that Nederland or PA neither had a chance to upset them tho? Silsbee and HJ both faired pretty well against both schools in pre season. I know that it would be an upset for them to beat Yates, but I wouldn’t say it CAN’T happen. JMO
  8. This makes the race for 3rd and 4th place in district very interesting. Lumberton and HF seem to be on the rise where as BC and LCM on the decline, but who knows how the rest of the year is going to end up. Because WOS is still hanging around to upset someone.
  9. Are you saying they would be better or worse? That is kind of a dumb statement though, because who knows who the coach would be and what makes a good team? Great coaching or great players? Some argue one others argue the other. Personally I think it’s a combination of the 2.
  10. He was a monster and basketball is all about matchups and he would have been a matchup nightmare for those silsbee teams. They would of had to double him and that would have opened shots up for Hancock and other shooters kountze had.
  11. The 04 and possibly the 07 kountze team might not beat the Silsbee team from last year or year before. It would be close because those Kountze teams were every bit as good as the Dallas Carter team that almost beat Silsbee. The 2 previous years to that though the 15’, 16’ Silsbee teams wouldn’t be within 10 points of those 2 kountze teams. So today they couldn’t hang with Silsbee the last 4 years is a HUGE stretch.
  12. I’ve always wondered why these two don’t have a bigger rivalry? I know the past 5 years or so it wouldn’t have been much competition, but really no one has been for silsbee other than big schools. Since the schools are so close in proximity plus from about 2000-2012 they could of had some battles. I’m not completely in the loop and maybe they did play those years but I’ve always wondered how it hasn’t been a basketball rivalry. I know they are not in the same district and that plays a little role in it but I feel like Silsbee and Lumberton has been a bigger rivalry than Silsbee and Kountze.
  13. It was a great game to watch, atmosphere was fantastic. Silsbee did exactly what they needed to win, I don’t know what the rebounding total for each team was, but I felt like silsbee killed HJ on the boards especially on the offensive end. If HJ can “contain” Bush again when they come back home and keep silsbee from getting so many second chance points they should win by 10 at home. When it comes to a third game at a neutral site it’s anyone’s guess as to who has the advantage. I’m just glad it’s a rivalry again, both teams will represent SETX well in the playoffs.
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