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  1. A lot of teams will run a scheme designed for 7 on 7 play, if a team is trying to stay as close as they can to what they will do on Friday night, yes it could be a gauge for the quality of the team. At least at the skill positions anyway.
  2. Any body scouting out any 7 on 7 games this weekend ? Anxious to see how teams are stacking up coming off their off seasons?
  3. Really cant explain other than the right person in the right place at the right time. Kinda like the guy that walks into a store on a certain day and buys the winning lottery ticket . On a serious note , its a puzzle with a lot of pieces , and sometimes it all comes together, and most times it don't, thats why most dont make it to Jerry world.
  4. And also does that mean that CT at WOS is no longer an elite coach , because Silsbee improved and a power house 4a 1 team ( Carthage ) moved into Region 3, 4a div 2, and prob will not go back to a state title until Carthage moves back up or gets put in region 2.
  5. Didnt dodge struggle at marble falls? Cause they had no athletes thats why, among other things? What happened to Rhoades at GP?
  6. I was told, very young in all aspects of the game, but future is bright. Lots of young skill kids, but ? for lineman. Monster lineman in Jr high though. Hopefully the realignment Gods will be good to Tigers, and 22, 23 will be great years? keep your fingers crossed, maybe Turf by then?
  7. My source says Rhoades will be announced sometime this week. unless you know something I dont?
  8. Takes more than a coach. Just ask Jerry jones? Think about it Jerry Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Norv Turner, Dave Wannstedt, developed probably one of, if not the best team in the history of the NFL. But not one of these guys listed , ever made it back to the top again by themselves. The Cowboys success was done with a combination of factors. Even Barry Switzer won a super bowl, and could have easily won in 94 and 96, and all he did was sit around with the payers ,drink beer and watch.lol
  9. He might come back and win 4 more at Cameron, but his stint at GP was a failure, if you compare his time there to teams GP had before he got there.
  10. The best race car driver in the world cant win , if his car dont have no tires? Is that his fault ? or the owner and promoters of the car?
  11. A restaurant could hire a world famous Chef, but it wont matter if they dont buy any food ? lol
  12. I was told none of the Carthage lineman ,not only don't play both sides of the ball, but they don't practice both sides of the ball, thats un heard of at the 4a level. 4a and down, and even some 5a kids may not start both ways , but they are backups on the other side of the ball, therefore they spend half their practice time practicing that. This means Carthage lineman are getting twice as much practice time as other teams. They have the numbers to do it, we can argue as to why that is, but it is. Everything they do on Offense is based off their O Line scheme, from running zone plays, to being
  13. Thats probably the ones I was told need a good off season,
  14. You watch film as season progressed probably played better than you think, sev played both ways. Right now more skill kids in program than big boys. This years 6th, 7th, grade loaded with big boys. In a couple years should really be good up front. As for now, need a Covid free normal offseason to develop existing fat kids, and young ones.
  15. Had enough freshman, but they were on varsity and played JV. Sev soph on varsity also, so numbers were not there to play both jv and fresh games.
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