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  1. Any info about tickets and please post this if anyone know. Much appreciated if you do.
  2. Let’s talk about next year. I see someone discuss on China Spring vs. WOS thread so I thought why not to discuss this relate about next year. I am not sure how many that they lost and return. my big question is QB issue. I know #19 is more likely play at QB but my opinion that he should stay where he have been and best option. Does anyone know that they have a good QB? Next several years still good reload or not? Since I cannot see there how they doing cause I don’t live there. I would love to hear your opinion and start discuss.
  3. Hope not too serious and would hate to see if not full team. I am wonder about that. That really concern me.
  4. Yes, there is limit capacity seating. You can purchase tickets via online. See link: https://www.purplepass.com/#207257/Sheldon_Independent_School_District-C._E._King_Panthers_vs._Humble_Atascocita_Eagles_(varsity_football)-Sheldon_ISD_Panther_Stadium-November-13-2020.html Hope this help.
  5. Thanks aTmfan06 for info and appreciate that. \ Good luck Bellville game this week!
  6. Silsbee will win no question and LaMarque is not same as used to so this game will be like "scrimmage".
  7. Honestly, I am surprised that Sweeny still playing against WOS this week while they forfeited last week now can play this week. I really hope that Sweeny knew and don't care so want play and can hurt WOS even could give them the virus. You know everybody hate WOS. I really pray nothing happen with non injury or non virus. Again, it is just my opinion and feeling that is all. Go Mustangs!!!
  8. I better to find out about state championship games since I always attend and watch 4A-6A now the website show that 4A play on December 18 and division 2 start at 11 am then division 1 start at 7 pm so that is mean everyone cannot stay like used to. I will do my best to find out before I buy the tickets or trip or make a reservation hotel. If you already knew and please post this as well.
  9. I thought it suppose to be WOS vs. Hamshire Fannett? WOS don't have freshman team? JV? I am from Houston and could not get the info so would love to know and keep update. Any info would appreciate. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Wo-S 89 and dj. Appreciate that.
  11. Yes I can wait and plan to attend later game. Also, I am from northeast of Houston even myself season holder so I have been going there and watch Mustangs. That is my loyal. This situation is different due COVID-19 and more risk if ticket sold out and waste my trip. It is my fault and could have buy earlier but not worry and faith in Mustangs. I will watch on Texan Live. Cannot wait!!! Thanks dj!
  12. What about freshman? Combine JV and freshman together for that game?
  13. I am sad that I could not make it to watch Mustangs tonight BUT I will watch TV on Texan Live live game. Cannot wait to see boys to play on the field. Go MUSTANGS!!!
  14. Ahh got it and totally understand. Thanks WOSgrad and much appreciated. However, I keep faith in boys and they will be fine. Of course it will be rusty a little and they should be ok. Most important is care of families and friends who does not have a electric or without home due damage. My prayer is Orange Country!
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