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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. Halftime Lumberton 22 Orangefield 25. Seems like our best rebounder tonight is number 24, the young man with the broken shoulder, he's rebounding one handed.
  2. End of 1st, Lumberton 12 Orangefield 11 tough game between both teams.
  3. Glad to see neither team is just sitting on the ball like LCM did against Lumberton.
  4. I didn't get to go to that game but my understanding when Lumberton beat Sillsbee in Silsbee the Tigers had their whole team back.
  5. LCM number 0 is draining 3 pointers. We need someone glued to him. Bears 36 Raiders 26.
  6. Going to have to figure out how to rebound against these guys. Bears 6-0
  7. Ready for the game to start, missed the JV score. LCM has some tall boys compared to Lumberton.
  8. If it was covid related I certainly hope it was on the Bridgeland end. Ready for district to start Friday.
  9. I think Friday nights' game against LCM will definitely tell us more, especially with the injuries Lumberton has, but I think they will definitely be relevant in 4a.
  10. I think it's going to be more like: Silsbee Lumberton LCM Orangefield WOS Vidor Bridge City
  11. Indians are bringing it. Raiders need to lock this down. 60-53 2:00 left.
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