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  1. Lumberton should win if we don't look beyond this game.
  2. 1. North Shore 2. West Brook 3. New Caney 4. PA Memorial 5. Baytown Lee 6. Barbers Hill 7. Texas City 8. LC-M 9. Lumberton 10. Vidor 11. Jasper 12. Liberty 13. Orangefield 14. Silsbee 15. Coldspring 16. Anahuac 17. East Chambers 18. /Kountze 19. Newton 20. Corrigan-Camden 21. Shelbyville 22. Timpson 23. Lovelady 24. Mount Enterprise 25. Deweyville
  3. Yeah, thanks for the updates. Unfortunately I found out today (Saturday) that Southeast Texas Express broadcasts Lumberton games on the internet. Figures.
  4. So ready to start watching updates. Just wish there was a broadcast. Anyone think maybe the orange radio station might have it on? I'll listen to it even if the announcers are obviously for LCM.
  5. RaiderGirl I don't care what these guys say, I think you're the bomb.
  6. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, the one time Lumberton beat them was at the Rez. The score was 17-10 in 2009.
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