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  1. Exactly. Go back and read what I said. You, along with other liked minded rugged individual free thinkers, not staying at home is why we're here. No one likes staying at home and quarantining. At a certain point, when are we going to sacrifice for the greater good and look out for our fellow man? I already know your answer. it never.
  2. I stayed at home. if everyone else did, we wouldn't be having this conversation now. And whether they are all together or spread out, that's too big of a cost to pay because you feel inconvenienced.
  3. That's messed up. RIP Uncle Dunc! I hope y'all all know the Heimlich manuver now so tragedy doesn't repeat itself. it also helps if you chew your food slowly instead of scarfing it down. Really, what is so bad about waiting? What's the downside? if we start as we plan on now, we are not finishing the season. no way all our teams are staying covid free.
  4. Glad your family is ok. You know that 3 percent of our population is 10 million people? That's everyone in greater Houston, Beaumont and all of Louisiana, gone. We shouldn't be good with that. I'm not.
  5. if you're talking about that lady who say sex with demons is bad, I'm with you.
  6. they are meaningless in that it has nothing to do with making the playoffs. if we get through non district but district is cancelled, the season was for naught. Besides, the last two years, Silsbee looked like trash in non district and ended up a few play away from playing at ATT Stadium. Save our health for district and playoffs. better yet move it all to the spring.
  7. Yeah, the Cardinals came up positive this morning. And the owners had a call with the players association saying if they don't follow the guidelines ( no hi fives, no spitting, social distance in the dugout, etc.) and infections keep coming in, they could shut this down by Monday. Our kids don't make any money playing the game. There's no reason to put them in danger. Let's play ball in the spring and quit the posturing.
  8. bLivingston pushed school opening back a week. I saw Nederland push their start to the end of August. MLB will probably be over by the end of the weekend. I'm less convinced this season is happening, unless it's moved to the spring. if baseball, which has billions on the line, a comprehensive plan for staying safe, the best doctors, travel accommodations, etc, can't make it outside a bubble, I don't think a 10 game HS season is going to make it.
  9. My son plays too. It's senior year and I'm letting him play. I'm well aware of the violence of the sport. When I was a reporter a long time ago I saw some gruesome injuries at all levels of the game. If you ask the coaches and players, of course they say they want to play, probably 95 percent of the times. The question really should be should we play, and that decision probably shouldn't rest with coaches and players but with objective health officials. MLB is in a pickle now because the Phils and Marlins said they were both fine playing even though Miami disclosed that they had players with COVID. Now the players say they regret the decision, 70 percent of the Marlins are infected and the number keeps going up, Philly is waiting on results, the Yankees wanted no parts of sitting the the visitor dugout at Philly. it's a complete you know what show. We're asking a lot of our coaches (and teachers). Most of the coaches at Livingston are older gentleman and they are doing their best to stay safe and keep the kids safe. I'm sure it's the same at every school. I don't think they should have to choose between doing the job they love and their mortality. Silsbee has issues a week before camp opens. and they unfortunately won't be the last team to have this issue. I'd rather postpone and just play district games instead of wasting what health we have over meaningless non district games. And if we postpone, maybe we can stop the upward curve.
  10. MLB has a pretty comprehensive plan and they are not going to make this season work. The UIL and TEA are throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks. Our criminal attorney general is trying to score political points with a small audience. We should listen to the scientists and doctors. if our local health officials say it's not safe for school to open, that should be what we do.
  11. Why is Ken Paxton the top cop in Texas when he is still under federal indictment that could send him to jail for the up to the end of his natural life? And he was voted in twice with this hanging over his head? I hope the school boards continue to defer to their local health officials instead of this bonehead.
  12. First two games are @ Needville and @ Palestine. They will visit Livingston next season.
  13. I'm actually looking at the numbers. This disease, per the scientists, is 20 times deadlier than the normal flu. And, if we're not careful, we're going to lose more than 200k of our fellow citizens before the end of the year. This is tragic. Additionally, it's harder on our elders. Take a look on the sidelines and you'll notice we have a lot of wisdom guiding our kids. I'd hate to lose a coach over us wanting to play a game before it's safe. I'd hate for anyone to lose a child because we're playing a game. These are not unreasonable concerns, no matter how many smug, condescending remarks you make toward me pointing this out. If anyone is emotional, it's you.
  14. Damn, Silsbee is dealing with the virus, per KFDM. And camp begins next week... hope the kids get better.
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