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  1. I will be there, I'm just hoping for us to put up a fight. Getting blown out a few times this season got old real fast.
  2. Yeah sucks, could've really used him against LSU
  3. No one was beating Whittington last year, regardless of the weather.
  4. I'm taking Nederland in this one. I think they'll win their district straight up this year. That's not a knock on WOS as they always have a good team I just think the dogs will be a bit better than usual this year.
  5. #12 in the nation is definitely good but the fact is he's the third option at QB right now and it may get worse next year when Hudson Card the #3 ranked dual threat in the 2020 class and the Duncanville QB Ja'quinden Jackson the #3 ranked athlete in that same class show up at UT. If he wants playing time and if they need him at running back then so be it but unless the guys ahead of him get injured I don't see him getting much playing time at quarterback.
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