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  1. BH 6-0 district champs 1 seed PNG 4-2 vs Ned 4-2 Crosby 4-2 Vidor 3-3 games left - BH vs Santa Fe - playing to be undefeated district champs but Bh has 1 seed locked up. Just need to get/stay healthy for a playoff run. png vs Ned both teams should be in but both could be as high as 2 or as low as the 4 seed crosby vs lee if Crosby wins they will be the 2 seed with wins over Ned and PNG. If they lose it comes to points? vidor vs Dayton - vidor has to win and hope for Crosby to lose by a lot
  2. 1. Galena Park North Shore 2. Beaumont West Brook 3. New Caney 4. Barbers Hill 5. Vidor 6. Santa Fe 7. Crosby 8. Livingston 9. Little Cypress-Mauriceville 10. Lumberton 11. Jasper 12. Silsbee 13. West Orange-Stark 14. Franklin 15. East Chambers 16. Hardin 17.Woodville 18. Orangefield 19. Newton 20. San Augustine 21. Colmesneil 22. West Hardin 23. Bellville Faith 24. Port Arthur Memorial 25. High Island
  3. So for fun you could have BH lose to PNG and Santa Fe and be 5-2 PNG beat BH and lose to Ned 5-2 Ned lose to crosby and beat PNG 5-2 crosby win vs Ned and Lee and be 5-2 For all that to happen is unlikely but fun to think about.
  4. BH Jv won 35-0 BH 9A won 36-20 BH 9B won 18-8 its posted on the BH website
  5. 1. Beaumont United 2. Port Arthur Memorial 3. Baytown Lee 4. Barbers Hill 5. Port Neches-Groves 6. Nederland 7. Lumberton 8. Livingston 9. Huffman Hargrave 10. Center 11. Huntington 12. West Orange-Stark 13. Silsbee 14. East Chambers 15. Anahuac 16. Kirbyville 17. Orangefield 18. Newton 19. Deweyville 20. West Hardin 21. Burkeville 22. Beaumont Kelly Catholic 23. Beaumont Legacy Christian 24. Gilmer Union Hill 25. Oakwood
  6. I think it is safe to say my rangers are done lol
  7. Crosby 28-0 half according to football Friday
  8. . North shore stampedes to a victory and the Rangers wonder how they will ever corral the mustangs NS 60 RSS 3
  9. From the sound of it props should be given to BH they handled all the delays and were able to stay focused and execute. Maybe the bulldogs were more worried about making it to homecoming dance?
  10. Lol nice, I just always saw that. Didn’t know if BH field was infested with ants or something a long time ago. Was hoping for a good story.
  11. Serious question why do people call BH the ant mound? Where did that come from? Not being sarcastic just wondering?
  12. no more Lone Ranger to help Sterling. A pack of timberwolves invade RSS and win 28-14.
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