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  1. Since scoring 7 in the first inning of the first game, Vandy has been out scored 24-3. State was a much better team. I'd really like to see a MSU-NCSU series next spring.
  2. We did Gulf Shores a few weeks ago. Didn’t get to finish because of the tropical storm. I will make Omaha happen in the next few years.
  3. If you have never been, you must go. It’s amazing.
  4. Bednar through 6. Sims should be ready to take over the rest of this one
  5. 3-0 State. Home plate blue is brutal
  6. The rich about to get richer. This will kill the smaller schools
  7. No. Vandy has a ton of walks and errors. Pretty bad baseball
  8. It’s only the 4th inning. This game has been brutal to watch
  9. Vandy starting a 17 yr old that throws 96
  10. 7-1 still in the 1st. That may do it
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