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  1. No way UNC should have been ranked 5th anyways
  2. Florida St up 24-0 on #5 UNC. Mack Brown already has his bags packed to head back to Austin
  3. The freshman QB that came in at the end looked good. I would assume he will start the rest of the year. Leach has an uphill battle until he gets his guys in there
  4. Miss St is awful. No clue how they beat LSU
  5. Notre Dame is not the #4 team in the country They lead Louisville 12-7 late
  6. 14-0 Ags Miss St is bad. Score shouldn’t be this close
  7. Kentucky smoked #18 Tennessee USCe leads #15 Auburn late Outside of Bama-Georgia, the rest of the SEC isn’t very good this year.
  8. Saban cleared to coach today against #3 Georgia.
  9. Not sure how they are still here, but the bats got going at the right time. It’s been fun watching all the young arms step up.
  10. Saban’s got the Corona Half the Florida team does as well. Their game with LSU postponed this weekend Lots of teams on bye #11 Texas A&M at Miss St #3 Georgia at #2 Alabama #1 Clemson at Georgia Tech Ole Miss at Arkansas #5 North Carolina at Florida St Louisville at #4 Notre Dame Pitt at #13 Miami
  11. Isn’t Herman’s buyout like $20mil?
  12. Looks like Arkansas got robbed
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