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  1. Kansas at #15 Texas(-21) A&M(-6) at Ole Miss West Virginia at #5 Oklahoma(-32) #11 Auburn(-19.5) at Arkansas #3 Clemson(-19.5) at Louisville #12 Oregon(-3) at #25 Washington #2 LSU(-18.5) at Miss St #18 Baylor at Oklahoma St(-4) #17 Arizona St at #13 Utah(-14) #16 Michigan at #7 Penn St(-7.5)
  2. If you had told me after game 1 that we would be leaving New York up 3-2, I would have taken that no questions asked
  3. Sack, fumble scoop & score then a Pick 6 Huffman leads 13-0 and hasn’t run a play of offense yet
  4. Gary Sanchez is awful behind the plate. He’s not even attempting to block those 1-0 Astros T1
  5. CC’s career is most likely over. Sad to see him go out like that.
  6. The announcers were pretty bad, but this post game crew hasn’t mentioned Houston at all. It’s almost like the Yankees are the only team playing in this series.
  7. Good job getting out of it. Could have been way worse 1-0 Yanks after 1
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