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  1. 4 Texas teams ranked. None of them are Longhorns
  2. New Oklahoma QB was 18-23 for 295 and 4 TD’s. Also added 66 yards & another TD on the ground. Decent 1st start for the true freshman. Rattler should go ahead and transfer out now.
  3. Cincinnati about to be the #2 ranked team in the country.
  4. #2 Iowa is getting smoked by Purdue
  5. 2nd grand slam of the game. Glad I went last night and not time today.
  6. Garcia struggles a lot in the 1st, but that was rough.
  7. Coach O trying to save his job.
  8. #21 A&M(-11) at Mizzou #12 Oklahoma St at #25 Texas(-3.5) Auburn at #17 Arkansas(-4.5) #11 Kentucky at #1 Georgia(-21.5) #5 Alabama(-17.5) at Miss St TCU at #4 Oklahoma(-13.5)
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