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  1. Shouldn’t Nederland be 2-0 since they beat 2 teams tonight? Newton 1-1 Lumberton 0-2
  2. Since I know AAW was wondering, Nederland won that scrimmage
  3. Nederland stalls inside the 5. 23 yard FG is good
  4. Nederland with the stop after 2 Lumberton 1st downs
  5. Nederland gets 9 yards on 3 plays. Lumberton Ball
  6. 3 & out for Newton for -20 yards. Newton’s offense isn’t there yet, but Nederland’s D looks to be pretty salty
  7. 3 & out for Nederland. Newton ball with a minute left
  8. Here is the roster. Some are wearing different numbers tonight though, so it’s hard to tell
  9. Newton 3 & out for negative yards. Nederland’s D is playing well.
  10. TD Nederland. Nice drive. McMorris can sling it
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