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  1. And Todd Dodge, Gary Travis, Scott Surratt, Tim Buchanan, Monte Barrow etc etc
  2. My dad always told me, “no matter how big you get, you can never kick your dad’s ass”. I guess he was right
  3. This Crazy season is officially over. Who’s making it to State next year?
  4. Klubnik is the #155 player right now in the country on 247 Composite. It will be interesting to check back on that in a few weeks.
  5. Ewers is the #1 player in the country for next year. He’s got elite arm talent, but doesn’t look comfortable under pressure. Klubnik is only a 4 star and #3 QB in the state. He’s a better football player right now and should rise up the rankings. I’ve been impressed with his game the last few weeks.
  6. Did direct just cut the game for anyone else? It cut off for me
  7. He left his wife and 4 kids for Pole Assassin. Maybe her and her monkey help with recruiting or something
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