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  1. A lot of factors goes into SETx basketball as it relates to the district Silsbee plays in.  I am not trying to play the race card but ran is a factor.  Like I've mentioned I grew up in Silsbee.  The town has a large black population, larger than most of those towns in that district.  The young black boys in silsbee  love basketball.  they love football more but they love basketball.  they have learned over the years when I do good on the basketball court good things happen.  that's a good thing.

    Most of those schools, Like Lumberton asre all white, and very conservative.` They have seen Silsbee do well, even win state and they are a bit envious.  whenever they can beat Silsbee on the court it is a big thing to them.  Competition is good.  Maybe the tide is turning.  We will see.  

    Covid was a factor.  it is hard for a team, especially a young team, such as Silsbee, to build up momentum, then get quaranteined, then have to build up momentum again.  This pandemic is unprecedented.  there may be some upsets in the playoffs because of the pandemic.  Were it not for the quarantine Silsbee might have won. Make that probably would have won.  Time will tell.You also have to factor in that Lumberton is like 8 players away from being a 5A school.  Silsbee is only half the size of Lumberton.  

    1. AggiesAreWe


      Race does not play in any way shape or form in regards to Lumberton beating Silsbee.

      The black population that attends Silsbee schools is around 28%. Check the latest census.

      Lumberton almost being 5A really has no bearing on where the two programs are currently. Silsbee has a total of 45 players in the basketball program at their high school. Lumberton has 34.

      Next time, use the private message function. That way no one can see this message and punch holes in your "facts".

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