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  1. Does anyone have a idea on what the game day field house or turf may look like at Silsbee and are they getting a video scoreboard
  2. So does this mean it’s a done deal in Silsbee it would really be a beautiful stadium with Turf .
  3. How does any of these schools get away with so much but if the regular schools sneeze it’s on the evening news.
  4. Argyle lost last night to Canyon 38-35 and FF beat Canton 41-36 so if Silsbee can get there then it’s anybody’s guess I believe Silsbee is really hungry and that’s always a good thing.
  5. By the skin on their chinny chin chin United I believe just saved their season
  6. Yes that #2 for Yates is Mr Calvin Murphy’s grandson he was hitting 3 ‘s from all over but I love how Silsbee used 3 different players to rotated to apply serious pressure on him the young man can win really shoot the ball.
  7. One of the Silsbee coaches told me that Silsbee lost both coin flips one for the day of the game and one for the location that’s why it’s Monday at 7 at Dayton
  8. Furr was the 2 seed Yates was the 3 seed Washington won the district.
  9. If Mr Aggies says it then it’s a done deal plus one of the coaches told me the same thing after the Silsbee and WO-S District game.
  10. Yes turf I’m Super excited about that it’s going to look beautiful inside that Stadium will it come with a new video board as well the kids really deserve it and so does the city of Silsbee no more Mud Bowls lol.
  11. How come Silsbee never host any playoff Basketball or even Football I’m sure it would be fun for us locals to watch other teams play in our Stadium like they did not too long ago just curious.
  12. I remember when I went to watch Silsbee vs Lake Charles Boston in Lake Charles and the gym floor was actually sweating because it was so hot and humid they called the game with Silsbee ahead for the safety of the players tha gym floor sweating does happen though especially if the humidity is super high and their is no air flowing.
  13. If HJ wins they will probably see Yates in the second round I know Yates is slightly down a notch but still OUCH!!!!
  14. I would have loved to hear Mr J P White as well on the call after Silsbee won that First Chip Mr white broadcast followed of Silsbee Tigers Basketball was awesome Mr Mike Sanchez became the voice of Silsbee Tigers Basketball and is doing a fantastic job who will be next.
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