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  1. So The West Brook Bruins won't be top 5? Are the losing Peevey or some players 🤔
  2. Always remember that Silsbee got Calvin Tlyer, Jordan Adams and Tre Jones who all lived in Beaumont while attending Silsbee. And Briscoe lives walking distance to West Brook right now. Mom drives him to Silsbee everyday. He should already be Bruin and not a Tiger
  3. Briscoe from Silsbee is transferring to da Brook. He'll be the starting QB or Safety. Anderson will be QB 1 regardless who come if he want's the ball. Not a better athlete coming or currently there. He's already proven to win games for them when Yowman struggled against good teams in the district
  4. They need to keep Harp and definitely change up the scheme. I've heard everything from Anderson, Sheldon and a QB from Silsbee starting at QB next year.
  5. I think they'll go with #17 B Sheldon and Bryce when they need him
  6. Thad and Joey for a few plays. Thad n Joey definitely should've been on the field more and they should've put Bryce in at QB sooner to control tempo. Yowman always struggle in big games
  7. I've never seen Yoman sacked this many times. He has to let go the ball earlier.
  8. Dropped punt inside the 5 and punter dropped the ball inside the 5 which led to 14 easy pts
  9. Ash Jackson scored 45pts and had a triple double! She is so freaking special
  10. Bmt United has 2 nationally ranked kids 6-5 (F) Trelyn Porchia 6-3 (SG) Wesley Yates Jr.
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