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  1. Ash Jackson scored 45pts and had a triple double! She is so freaking special
  2. Bmt United has 2 nationally ranked kids 6-5 (F) Trelyn Porchia 6-3 (SG) Wesley Yates Jr.
  3. United is not dropping to 5A. They turned in numbers that didn't include pathways or Early College
  4. I would say West Brook. All of Beaumont United is dissapointed in them for not helping them get into the playoffs. Friday night game vs Deep Park would've been Electric
  5. Why, because it was all in the 1st half? 😂 After #11 Anderson long td run got called back midway thru the 2nd it seem like the offense hit a wall. Stud QB and Starter Yowman played the remainder of the 2nd qtr, all of the 3rd and 4th qtr but the offense failed to score any points. Tons of passes and a lot of quick 3 and outs. No tanking. Just wasn't their night buddy
  6. Stats of West Brook Super Stars vs Deer Park: How is this TANKING troyfor6_ went 26-41 for 305 yads and 2 TDs bringing his season totals to 2287 yrds & 21 TDs! thadjohnson0 9 catches for 142 & 2TDs bringing his totals to 61 catches for 968 yrds and 12 total TDs JoeyPierre_ went 6 catches for 89 yrds & 1 TD (season totals 29 for 636 & 6TDs)
  7. 1st round Playoffs are set D1. #2 Dobie @ #1 North Shore D1. #2 Deer Park @ #1 Atascocita D2. #2 Kingwood @ #1 West Brook D2. #2 C.E King @ #1 Humble
  8. West Brook will host Kingwood at home in the 1st round.
  9. You had to let them score at the end to get the ball back and try to score.
  10. They controlled the tempo. West Brook didn't even touch the ball in the 4th qtr until the final 1min of the 4th qtr
  11. West Brook starters played the entire game. Their inability to stop the run up the middle all game is what hurt them
  12. This loss is not on Eric Peevey. Starters played. Over thrown balls, to many dropped passes, and can't stop the run. Peevey had nothing to do with all of that
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