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  1. He just can't get his players at Texas to play the HAVOC style that got him hired. Watching them is a "slap in the face."
  2. It would be surprising if a district the size of Dayton had an AD only position. We will see I guess.
  3. He was under contract. He was going to get paid next year no matter what. I doubt he comes back after this year.
  4. Missouri State must be willing to sell their souls to hire Patrino and consider Briles.
  5. Is the Assistant AD title just for one year?
  6. Are you SEC homers willing to go on record today in preparation for next bowl season? A. Bowls matter- SEC, SEC, SEC B. Meaningless bowl games- Teams dont care about bowl games after brutal SEC schedule unless they are in the "playoffs" Post your choice here.
  7. The we better start vacating the titles for all the PED users.
  8. Mr. Crane does not play games. Right or wrong this is a bad look. For what it's worth, Alex Corra is about to be banned from baseball.
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