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  1. You got me. Well done. Let us know when the moral victory parade will be held on Eagle Dr. You guys have as many State Championship trophies as the rest of us.
  2. Based on past initial rankings, these are worthless. Hell, in 2016 a 1 loss SEC team was ranked 4th in the initial poll and then finished 4th in their division.
  3. I know. It's frustrating that GCM lost to a team that would have finished 3rd in their district.
  4. Do not know their record. If you lose the right "one", yes, it makes a difference.
  5. What I was told in the past is that when GCM was driving down I-10, past at least 2 schools (Dayton and BH), to play in the Golden Triangle, that BH pushed to not be in a district with GCM and REL. Take it for what it's worth.
  6. I want to play BH, Dayton, and Crosby. I know BH will do what it can to not let that happen.
  7. Their best back/receiver broke his ankle two weeks ago. They never had depth.
  8. They were the best team in Baytown. I hope the UIL will put us all in the same district next year. Baytown needs some "rivalry" type games (along with some wins) to peak interest in football again.
  9. ...and part of a RSS vs Summer Creek double header.
  10. They will lose to BlowU and Texas.
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