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  1. They also approved dropping ACT and SAT scores as entrance requirements. Them fools are off the rails.
  2. So 90% of Texas high school coaches are in trouble? Prepared work out routines. Had Zoom meetings. The list goes on.
  3. GCM has hired Huffman assistant coach Michael Williams to replace Casey Veen.
  4. U of H assistant coach Jamila Ganter named new head coach at GCM.
  5. Not going be because of academics.
  6. I got the "under" on him finishing the 1st semester.
  7. Two very good fiction books that feature football by John Grisham: "Bleachers" "Playing for Pizza" Good, easy reads.
  8. With Coach Veen leaving for The Hill, GCM is open.
  9. Casey Veen has been named the new volleyball coach at Barbers Hill. Coach Veen has been the HC at GCM since 2015.
  10. New coach should be named/approved tonight.
  11. GCM assistant, Jamaal Haymon, named head basketball coach.
  12. Link to article
  13. Link to article
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