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  1. If Sessions is out,I think King is too much for Atascosita to beat.Pulling for Panthers either way.
  2. Early in the week I said to put Fuselier on #0 and he would have a BIG game.Well the kid made a dummy out of me.He was burnt on a post route early in the game and then shuts Fuselier down with 2 nice interceptions.In the 4th quarter Fuselier was on the opposite side of the field.Broussard took a beating with TC's defensive ends sometimes looked untouched.Bell was not a big factor in the game.Duran and Avery was enough.I agree with the evaluation of the officiating crew, they were terrible.
  3. Good Night to see Cougars 2022 ! Crosby Cruises 48 -14.
  4. Barbers Hill still whining on a Kingwood Park vs Crosby thread ? C'mon it's over, win the rest and move on to the playoffs.
  5. Santa Fe has a roster full of underclassmen.Looks like a Texan REBUILD going on.Dayton by 21
  6. Get Fusuilier one on one with # 0 and he'll have a BIG Night.The corner is Handzy and is a candidate for holding or pass interference .It's in TC so ( well enough said ).#9 Christian White ( soph. ) is a gamer in the middle of their defensive line.If you load up to stop Mr.Bell,Duran is a capable throwing QB with Jolly and Cole-McCray capable wide outs. I'm pretty sure Barrow knows all this, so look for a evenly fought game .TC at. home 27-17.
  7. Will have to beat Atascocita,North Shore or West Brook to get in the playoffs.Which one do you think they can beat ?
  8. Expected more out of Summer Creek,but my old High School will make some noise in the playoffs ! Go Panthers !
  9. These Friendswood kids never Quit.Defensive Coordinator made some changes in the secondary and Sterling looked confused the whole game.Sterling lost 2 maybe 3 players tonight.Didn't catch as the first one was taken off on stretcher.# 70 missed 3 qtrs with another leg injury.Hats off to a gutty bunch of Mustangs.
  10. After watching a blah-blah first win for Friendswood over Sterling,I'll need a Tall Crown & Seven after catching the end of this one.What do they all say ? ~ This is why they play the game.Great win Coogs and hats off to the Eagles on a great game.
  11. I'm sure any transfers from North Shore that Go-rilla knows about will certainly be welcome at Crosby,but you'll have to earn your spot.
  12. Great game to scout next years Crosby transfers. Should be a Good one.I'll stay with the Panthers 34-20.
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