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  1. Tried to send a message and it said you cannot receive Messages.Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  2. If he is from Summer Creek as Cougar 14.2 says,he is not my guy and my guy is still just a RUMOR.Maybe more to come ?
  3. That's the mailbox I was referring to.I heard a rumor on this kid.
  4. Two big questions for Friendswood ( 1 ) Can these young skill players score enough points to win consistantly ? ( 2 ) Can the defensive front put enough pressure on the quarterback to cover up a questionable secondary ? We hope so.The Reyes defensive end is a Man Child and Yawn is a Butch Wolfolk type Nose guard.Both will require an extra look by opposing offensive coordinators.These two need to stay HEALTHY.
  5. Quarterback can light up the scoreboard !
  6. Any NEW mailboxes put up in Crosby ? Or is that a touchy Subject ?
  7. Six extra weeks of practice and games gave the underclassmen an edge coming into this year.The players not mentioned know what playoff games taste like.Look for some surprises if not this year, then 2022.
  8. Make that 2 5A schools if HP is Highland Park.
  9. Maybe in the 6A & 4A conversations.Got one 5A school anyway.
  10. I agree Cougar 14.2 ! One or two more move ins should put the Cougars in the District race pronto ! Thanks SC ! 2022 should be a very good year also.
  11. Trevor Helburg,waiting for this moment for 3 Years at Crosbykicks a long field goal to win a State Championship for Crosby 45 to 42.
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