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  1. Good showing from a team with a lot of underclassmen .Future looks bright for Crosby.Can't wait to see realignment .
  2. Has Coker Twitter Feed gone silent?? Proud of Cougs !!
  3. Good Luck to All the Storm Victims wherever you may be.
  4. What's the status of the QB Transfer ?
  5. Fans of Dayton may want the old Offense back after seeing this wing T or what ever it is.Three runs to the left side and punt.Been watching Dayton teams for 30 years and there was no excitement even on the sidelines.Friendswood played 2 QBs,Grden & Massey,alternating every series.Played without Christian Lee their best wr and lost 2 starters on defense in the 1st Qr. Hats off to #45 Dayton's. lb Bennett who I thought had an excellent Game. The way they run Zenon, I hope he stays healthy, if not, he can't last the season.Someone asked How good is this Friendswood Team ? As long as Grden is in that backfield, there will always be PONIES crossing the Goaline.
  6. 39-0 at Halftime lends to a VERY Boring 2nd Half.Left at beginning of 4th Qt. 42-0.No speed on the Dayton Offense,can't get outside on Friendswood.Dayton's QB has a Live arm, but ....... I think you know the rest of it.
  7. Last years # 24 Noel Wright transferred to C.E.King.Loss of Coker and Wright a big loss to the Cougars.
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