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  1. Good showing from a team with a lot of underclassmen .Future looks bright for Crosby.Can't wait to see realignment .
  2. Has Coker Twitter Feed gone silent?? Proud of Cougs !!
  3. Good Luck to All the Storm Victims wherever you may be.
  4. Fans of Dayton may want the old Offense back after seeing this wing T or what ever it is.Three runs to the left side and punt.Been watching Dayton teams for 30 years and there was no excitement even on the sidelines.Friendswood played 2 QBs,Grden & Massey,alternating every series.Played without Christian Lee their best wr and lost 2 starters on defense in the 1st Qr. Hats off to #45 Dayton's. lb Bennett who I thought had an excellent Game. The way they run Zenon, I hope he stays healthy, if not, he can't last the season.Someone asked How good is this Friendswood Team ? As long as Grden is in that backfield, there will always be PONIES crossing the Goaline.
  5. 39-0 at Halftime lends to a VERY Boring 2nd Half.Left at beginning of 4th Qt. 42-0.No speed on the Dayton Offense,can't get outside on Friendswood.Dayton's QB has a Live arm, but ....... I think you know the rest of it.
  6. Last years # 24 Noel Wright transferred to C.E.King.Loss of Coker and Wright a big loss to the Cougars.
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