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  1. Garrett Gates is the Linebackers coach and has 2 sons on the varsity.He also coached the girls softball team to the state finals.I coached Garrett in Little league football ( Qb. ) and he at one time was baseball coach at C.E. King.I continue to follow this wonderful family.You are right about Coach Mac being the head coach.There's a lot of Sheldonites generations passing though Huffman High school.
  2. Congrats to the Gates led Falcons.Looking forward to an even better 2021, plenty of returnees for next year.I'll be watching the Girls softball make another run at the Crown,led by Coach Garrett Gates.From the Sheldon Oilers Coach.
  3. Wilson looked like he was working on a hamstring in the Texas City game.He didn't play but constantly stretching it on the sidelines.They are probably being careful with him
  4. All McCall needed was a wet field ? or a Port Neches Defense !
  5. Just saying Westerberg is so glorified on this website to not have made a better adjustment to stop a 4th and 22 in that situation.
  6. After watching Westerberg blow that game against Nederland anything can happen.He definitely didn't earn his Money in the fourth quarter ahead by 8 and Nederland on their own 16 yard line 4th and 22 and get beat on a long Hail Mary Pass.It looked like he was in single coverage.You just can't get beat in that situation.
  7. Nobody's mentioning if Nederland wins out, they are District Champs.
  8. Westurberg blew that game.How do you let your defense on 4th and 22 on Ned 16 yard line, have single coverage and get beat for the TD late in the 4th QT.Worse def call I've seen in a GOOD while.
  9. Port Neches Groves First, then Santa Fe,then Nederland before talking about playoff opposition PLEASE !
  10. Casey at NG was unblock able ! Just a Junior,he destroyed Texas City inside running game.Bost up the middle may not work against the Coogs.
  11. Great job Kevin Kennerly and his Patriots defense.
  12. For a Dayton defense that gave Santa Fe 56 points,I don't see a close Game. Ned 37 - Dayton 10
  13. Richmond George Ranch.Too many Ranches around .
  14. What happened to Sagastegui,I thought I saw him playing in the Cy Ranch film ? Did Jaden Fields move away? He was a starting CB last year.Why are they carrying a Fr. QB on the roster?
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