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  1. • Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark devised a plan with then-President Trump to oust then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, ex-officials said. • The...
  2. Trump went out like a dictator. Never a boring moment when he was in office.
  3. Oh, I'm sorry, I had forgotten your kids attended BISD during Butch's tenure. The biggest complaint you people had about Butch was the salary he was making. And the rest were upset because Butch was a strong leader for the district and he didn't take no shiggidy from people. He had a history of turning around school districts and knew what he was doing.
  4. Not surprised at all about the decision. I'm proud there are board members who are willing to bring this issue to the forefront.
  5. Huh? Even the slave owner had babies with his females he owned.
  6. It was after he left the district when his former employees were caught stealing money. Under his administration, BISD flourished.
  7. A Republican (OK)whose backtracking and trying to make up for his mistakes, listening to trump. In his letter, though, Lankford asks for another chance. “What I did not realize was all of the national conversation about states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, was seen as casting doubt on the validity of votes coming out of predominantly Black communities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit,” ...
  8. And why are people like you so willing to pay less to American workers, while many are essential workers.
  9. Yall like Trump because he spoke and what he spoke about. It was hard to separate the lies from truth. That was one of the problems yall didn't deal with too well.
  10. Saudi running out of oil. The land of the US was owned by Hispanics once before, and the US is doing fine. We need $15 min. wage. People want to work and be able to eat
  11. I knew you guys saw thru this guy. You are finally headed towards some healing.
  12. But, he is crazy enough to do it. But probably Jared Kushner or Junior.
  13. We can get national polls.In fact, I just read earlier today that a poll was showing most Americans want trump to leave office.
  14. No hard evidence to convict. Unlike a few days ago.
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