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  1. Breaking News: "Trump requested Wisconsin recount adds to Biden's lead." Biden gains 132 votes to his margin of victory over Trump in Milwaukee County. Source: USA Today
  2. In fact, Trump is is debt with some foreign banks and Putin ...nah, you won't accept it anyways. Go read for yourself and sty off those self made blogs that don't research .
  3. Plenty of receipts to say otherwise.
  4. Trump shudda listened to his adviser, Putin.
  5. Now, take those 50 years back further. Blacks voted repubs. But anyway...
  6. LOL! I consider myself a Socialist. It's not a nasty word as some of yall make it out to be. In fact, a Socialist president would not have us in this pandemic mess.
  7. Verbal accusations from what I gathered and still no proof. Probbaly changed their stories before signing anything.
  8. Hmmm, from a historical point of view, Blacks have voted republican. Oh, and let me add, I was a republican once upon a time.
  9. Pride Nope, looks like your pride won't let it go. No proof and your base bring nothing to the table to back up Trump's lies...errr accusations. Your own republican base had a hand in voter certification. This is your country. Believe in the system.
  10. Yall gotta start listening to reliable news sources. Stop reading those blogs.
  11. Lets us pray for yall. Yall gonna need some serious counseling in January.
  12. Your point is null & void because Biden got the most votes for any candidate running for President. The only votes counted after "polls closed" were those people in line to vote BEFORE the polls were closed. I did see something about dead people cast votes. There were females who voted , who used their dead husband's name ( ex: Mrs. Alfred Reagan ). But they checked out okay. And to your last point, Trump bothers me period!! Because you can't believe anything he says. He lies all the time. And he gets you guys all caught up in his b.s. and you run with it. You guys say make America gre
  13. You sound like Trump. Once again throwing all these fraud allegations. I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for him. He sounded so beaten and lost. He blew it. It's his fault he lost the elections. Own up to it. #Pandemic
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