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  1. They are waiting in the bushes ready to pounce.
  2. With 15 #4 seeds beating #1 seeds how can people be complaining? It's just like any other system, some slip thru the cracks but as a whole it's just fine. Making teams drive 3 and 4 hours to have 7 teams is not the answer. It's even worse out West.
  3. Here are some stats for those who don't like the coaching staff: Lidney Thompson's 1st year: 6-4 (didn't make the playoffs) Curtis Barbary's 1st year: 5-4-1 (didn't make the playoffs) WT Johnston's 1st year: 9-3 (Out in 2nd round) Probably should have gotten rid of all of those coaches after the first season. Who knows what kind of program Newton could have..... Maybe you supposedly "Newton fans" "Born and raised" should study the word support. You don't support until things aren't perfect then want their head. Pump your brakes, we're still playing.
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