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  1. Remember, I need your rankings by tomorrow at 2

  2. Thanks, but I got the one you posed on twitter.

  3. I need your rankings by Saturday evening.  Thanks!

    1. tvc184


      They will be in shortly. My mother has been in and out of the hospital and passed away on Tuesday. We had the funeral yesterday. I really haven't had my mind on this naturally but I will have it in. 

    2. WOSgrad


      I figured that there was something going on.  I (and others) had noticed that you had not been on too much lately.  Very sorry to hear about your loss.  If you wish to wait until next week to start, I understand.


    3. tvc184


      I appreciate it. Tough days for sure.

      I submitted my poll. Anything I can do to try and get back to normal might help. 

      Again, thanks. 

  4. A reminder, I need your 6A/5A, 4A/3A and 2A-Private Rankings tomorrow.


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    2. WOSgrad


      St. Thomas and St. Pius aren't eligible.  The only private schools that are eligible are Kelly, Legacy, Baytown Christian and Orange Community Christian

    3. Brubaker


      5. Alto

      6. Gilmer Union Hill

      7. High Island

      8. Iola

      9. Legacy Christian

      10 Hull Daisetta

    4. WOSgrad
  5. Just a reminder.  I need your preseason rankings by Saturday so that I can have them by Sunday morning. I need a 6A/5A,4A/3A and 2A-Private

    1. Silsbee92


      Yes Sir.  Just finished.


    2. WOSgrad


      I have them. Thanks!

  6. Reminder:  I need your preseason rankings by Saturday.  6A/5A, 4A/3A, 3A-Private

    1. WOSgrad


      Sorry, I meant 6A/5A, 4A/3A and 2A-Private.  Thanks!

    2. Brubaker
  7. What time does the varsity portion of the scrimmage start this week?

    1. CardinalBacker


      I don't know... my player graduated last year. BC Fooball will usually post on FB the day before the actual game. That's where I get my info. 

  8. Is there a particular ad that is causing the problem.

    1. Mr. Buddy Garrity
    2. WOSgrad


      Give me a few.  I know it is those damned video ads.  Jordan needs to know.


    3. Mr. Buddy Garrity

      Mr. Buddy Garrity

      Btw: the issue on my end usually happens between 5pm thru 9pm. 

  9. Well, I guess we know tomorrow one way or the other.

    1. Gabe


      Yep. Text me in the morning if you here. I will be in divorce court starting at 830 so who knows when I will be out LOL

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