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  1. Oh wise one, this is the first time barrow has NOT made the playoffs…before you make such statements, please fact check
  2. Mighty Mecca whining for calls against lowly Nederland?
  3. Uhh, spider, it’s the same people who have been coaching them to success for many years…invalid argument
  4. Why would you put your best playmaker in harms way in the wildcat in a game that you are gonna win regardless??
  5. look, I'm a Dog fan, but png is a above average coached team IMO and Faircloth is a legit good guy...wish him the best except for one week a year
  6. Should be fun, but it will give us a point of comparison to see if any adjustments or improvement is made…short window to do so, but will be more interesting to see than anything else
  7. LU absolutely dominated again by Abilene Christian, 56-0....I am willing to give the new coach a chance to establish his program...this is his first "real" season after only a few games in the spring, but this program isn't even competitive at this point...it isn't going to get any easier moving to the WAC...right now, it appears that Lamar "wants" to be big time, but is nowhere near ready to do so...A bit disappointed at this point, I must say. This was 56-0 to ACU, not Texas A & M or another big time FBS program...ACU??
  8. Last point…when 2 teams are as evenly matched as these 2 often are, it often comes down to who has the best player…last night, that proved to be #8 for Nederland…the kid is special and can score anytime he has his hands on the ball…proved that tonight
  9. Great game…personally I think png gave up on the run game too soon…nederland played it better in the second half, but never really controlled it…png was only down 3 with 5:36 left and had a reasonable chance to run the ball down the field and control the clock leaving Nederland very little time great resilience by the dogs…finished on a 24-0 run!!
  10. Sheffield productions is live streaming ALL Nederland games this year on YouTube...go to YouTube and type Sheffield Productions in the search box and it will bring you there
  11. Gotta be one of the shortest MCM threads ever!! I think it shows the uncertainty that both sides have about tonight's outcome...here's for one helluva, highly competitive game where both teams come out injury free...telling number is the point differential over the last 20 years that someone posted earlier...50 points over 20 years! crazy close...hoping for the same tonight, with a late Bulldog victory!! Go Dogs!
  12. Cmon eagle….kids don’t make mistakes…mommas and daddy’s won’t stand for that from their perfect angels…only coaches…lack of accountability IMO
  13. the definition of "bad coaching" would be to put a kid under center if he had never practiced that...not sure if this is the case at BU, but sounds like it may be...you cannot, especially in a critical moment, call on players to do things that they have not worked on
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