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  1. At the end it wasn't the mud or our boys fault we know who's fault
  2. 3rd and 1 1 timeout and we throw the ball where is uncle Larry? 10 was not being stopped. Answer that 1
  3. Port Neche s after game Friday night along with their fans after them dogs put a whooping on em lol!!!πŸ˜€
  4. Gonna be another mud fest rain Thursday and early Friday morning sat morning Will get to 38 chilly Willie dress warm
  5. Lot different than the late 70s or early 80s fish would get their head shaved,and a Lot of crazy stuff we would do u would get u in trouble now to soft now days everyone takes everything to serious
  6. Sucks the victory away from the Indians u forgot the rest lol!
  7. Discipine is the key we miss in my opinion.you have to have a good guy coach,but also a bad guy who the players know if I do wrong their will be consequences to pay other than that go dogs and go get that W!!!😁
  8. Uncle Larry's the last of his boys graduated last year that was sophomores his last year now its barrows team
  9. Hopefully we take care of Crosby and Vid or takes lee out so y'all can join the playoff train 3 of our old district foes going would be great
  10. Just passed by stadium the darn wild hogs are back on the field Eating the corn the coach put out last night and rutting the field up muddy as heck😁
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