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  1. Maybe they mean Eric Henderson , but I am not sure if he played receiver.
  2. I agree,if not for knee injury sky was the limit.
  3. No his dad was a quarterback for Hebert back in the day, Curtis is his brother.
  4. Caleb Ceasar was one of the best receivers out of Beaumont, period !
  5. Thanks for your prayers, obviously they were answered.
  6. Good point , kind of ironic while we are dealing with race issues ,I don't think it matters what color Jesus is as long as we make it to heaven. We can not let these things be our demise.
  7. Be careful ,we can not solve anything, only God can solve all our problems and will !
  8. Only parallel I see is the end of the world near ,I do see loothing ,riots ,vandalism and attacks on people, period. The reading I try to stick with involves biblical scriptures . Lastly I don't start a fire by expression opinions that I don't know why or what that could lead to . IF you are not part of the solution ,you are part of the problem.
  9. So people are kidnapped ,raped , taken from their family's and enslaved and are better off for it ? That is BS and it proves you don't have a clue what impact slavery has caused . We also don't know what Africa would look like today had slavery not occurred ,wait, we might have based on the African americans that settled in Tulsa Oklahoma but, we know how that turned out. I read this crap but don't get involved in the political aspect because at the end of the day no ones opinion matter, I will vote based on whom is better for me and my family. For the most part I really don't see as Pamfam
  10. I agree, even thought about Olajuwon/Drexler .
  11. Good points, they were definitely a dynamic duo as well. I agree not the same type of players now, more 1 on 1 very little team ball .
  12. Conversation started on who was the greatest NBA duo , just for a fun topic of discussion. I know it could be very vague so give your reason why . J .Dumars/I .Thomas, S.Oneil/K.Bryant, L.Bird /K.Mchale, L.James/D.Wade , M.Jordan/S.Pippen ,K.Malone/J.Stockton ,M.Johnson /K.A.Jabbar. I will start it my opinion only, Magic and Kareem because they transcended the game a 6'9" point guard and a center with an unblockable sky hook. (Classic).
  13. Ozen by 3 ,that team was loaded not only did they go undefeated and win state that year ,they also beat the #1 team in Willowridge in a scrimmage the same year with TJ Ford whom went on to win state also that year.
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