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  1. Yep, turnovers against a team like this after you stop them, is killer to the mojo...Things can still happen here
  2. If we can figure a way to have slow methodical drives to limit their offense playing time. Our O is playing better, but I just don't know if we can hang with that beast. Is their defense vulnerable?
  3. Love my Idians!! But I know this is gonna be tough. Who ya got or maybe the better question is what is the point spread?
  4. I think Vaughn and Hernandez have turf toe. Last night we saw #36 Trahan. He is a sophomore. He is actually pretty good. Very quick.
  5. Just not enough offense....great defense. Feels odd saying that about PNG
  6. I actually think you can beat Lee. If you put enough pressure on their QB he will get flustered on his throws. Also think you have the db's to stop big plays.
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