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  1. Sammy Owens passed away last night.Sure will miss his post.He was a died hard WOS fan.RIP Sammy.
  2. I think in time Toby will be thankful he didn't get this job and CT did him a favor.WOS admin. is getting to woke for me.
  3. Your missing the point.Toby knows WOS offense and defensive scheme.You hire someone from outside and they may change what has worked for WOS through the years.You change that and you set yourself up for failure.Seen many of programs with lots of athletes that never succeed.
  4. This pass year haven't been able to attend any football games due to health issues.Nothing real serious but enough to keep me at home.Will certainly miss the ball games on KOGT along with all the other stuff they did for the community.Sad day indeed.
  5. The UIL has really screwed the fans that don't have the right service.It should be made available to all texan fans.😒
  6. These were totals through October not season totals.
  7. With Gales in there we keep the ball longer and limit CS time with the ball.Of course it didn't take but a few seconds a couple of times for them to
  8. To put the loss of gales in perspective.What would have happened to CS if their QB had gone down.I think they would have struggled a lot more than we did.
  9. Last thoughts.Could we have won if Gales hadn't gone down? I'll just say we had a better chance but probably not.That CS qb was the most elusive runner I've seen.You think you have him and bam he's gone.I think our kids put forth a great effort and keep it close going into the forth. I think that big O line for CS finaly wore us down.
  10. You can hang your head or you can step up and make a difference.Go Mustangs.
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