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  1. I don't buy it and never will.I'm to old school.They the chain gang and always will be.
  2. Yep that qb is the key and spark for CS.His coach said as much in a interview.Simple game plan is to pressure and contain him.How well we can do that will determine the outcome if every thing else is equal.I fell we can but can we do it for 4 quarters?
  3. Like to hear your take on this game.I know your leaning CS.What makes the difference.Just let me have it.I got tough
  4. Gary Stelly said the were finalizing details to bring us both games.Yey.
  5. Six of one half dozen the other.The ref that threw the flag for holding made the call he saw,good call.The other ref just didn't see the tip so that was a missed call.There is a fine line on some infractions and some ref's let it go and then you have ref's that are flag happy that calls every thing.You probably could throw a flag on every play for something.The ref's that do give the others a bad name.jmo.
  6. Thank you for clarifying.Well I was one of those doubters with good reason.Yes we were winning and playing not so competitive teams and looked real sloppy in doing so the first of the season.I also said we still had enough games left to improve.The way we were playing you have to be honest a far run in the playoffs didn't seem in the cards with the teams we would have to play.But alas,this team has gotten better and I think peaking at the right time.In my opinion we going to be hard to beat.
  7. Back on topic.The way WOS has improved and unless a total collapse I see a WOS win.
  8. Yeah,Most calls fans don't even see the infraction and their little johnny would never do anything
  9. I love her to death but Coach T wife is the


  10. I didn't think he was ever going to
  11. Reason I responded was that's what I keep seeing on another WOS group.I mean after every game they go on and on about the ref's.I'm beginning to think they don't know anything about
  12. Hate to here that sammy.I know it's killing you not to be able to make the games in person.You are a faithfull Stark Tiger and WOS fan.Tiger first of Corse.
  13. Now that my friend I agree 100%.Reminds me of the HF qb but a little better.
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