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  1. You know WOS has been the most consistent program of any school I know.Out of their 42 year history they have had only a few sub par years.That record has been achieved by one head coach and his defensive coach.The first HC took his teams to four state championships winning two of those and numerous playoff births.When he retired the DC became HC and took his teams to four SC winning two of those and numerous playoff births.Some people get spoiled and think if you don't go to the SC almost every year you need change.Fact is WOS has the most winning percentage of any school in Texas.Some years your up and some your down,that's football.There are a lot of teams that were power houses.La Marque,Stephenville,celina to name a few and look at where they are now.I'm not for short runs of success I'll take the program we have now to those.Rant over.
  2. When they post things about not scoring enough points it has everything to do with it.As long as coaches are winning everyone is on the band wagon.A few bad decisions and people want to bash them.I said after the game I would have gone for that 4th and inches and then I let it go.Some just can't seem to.smh.
  3. Your wecome.At least I'll admit
  4. I understand what you're saying dj.All I'm saying is this offense is young and they just need more time to do the things you want to see.Dropped passes,untimely penalties that stopped drives and TD's called back.You stop those things and we score a lot of points.The talent is there,just need to improve on execution.
  5. Yeah just went to state 4 yrs in a row.40 game winning streak....need to change the way we coach??I'll agree I would have done a few things differently against Silsbee but I'm not the coach and this is still a young team learning.I think coach T did a hell of job getting us to the semi's.But hey that's just me.
  6. Will have to keep C scoreless.Don't think they will.
  7. They look pretty even to me.Lets see who has the better conditioning 2nd half.
  8. I don't recall ever seeing so many big plays in high school football as these two did.First half was all Wimbo,second half Silsbee.There are a few things that stand out in this game but the fumble in the end zone to start the 3rd to me was the biggest.
  9. Well you had them on their heals for a while.I think they ready to get out of here.
  10. As coach T says...been chasing cars all year and finally caught one.
  11. How big was that fumble in the end zone.smh
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