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  1. My, my, my you nailed it. 100% 0n point. Getting this solution implemented is the problem. Friends, Buddies, Former Head coach, Former A.D have too much input in the decision making process. We can only hope the new hire will be given Full Rein to replace most of the old Regime. Other wise it'll be like preaching to the choir. Best wishes Coach Colbert. jmo.....
  2. Hmmmm Google: Today's "Southeast Texas Political Review".. Top Story.. BISD Mess-Again..
  3. Your last sentence is on point. Your above opinion is your opinion and you're entitled to that. Several share this opinion A nonchalant Sup. reference getting the best Head Coach and a "Dud" A.D. The two largest stumbling blocks. However its no accident. Its starts at the top. jmo...
  4. Vintage BISD Backroom deal is done. Quietly. Shhhhhhhh....Smh.
  5. Shame on the process... Shame on The powers that be...
  6. I agree with you 110%....My statement was in reference to the process in acquiring his replacement. LoL the powers that be @ Bisd would turn down/eliminate B.F. solely because he'd be the long time needed solution at that facility/BU....Solution not wanted just a flash in the pan quick fix. Who's fooling who ?.......One side of town Hoops other side of town football. With the current Admin it will remain that way. The Plan...jmo
  7. No doubt Dotson is a great guy. If Bisd is going internal specifically then give him his deserved shot. Ozen/BU has had its share of nice/great guys but not top tier leadership. Somehow the top tier Applicants are eliminated or disqualified for whatever reason. Solution or quick fix ? Most know the answer... I admire PNG for not settling for mediocrity when it comes developing a quality program. jmo
  8. The Powers that be is very okay with United being just a basketball school in athletics.
  9. United position opened Feb.25 Friday is March 25. That's sufficient time to eliminate the qualified outside applicants on the unpublished list. Its unknown if BISD will use a consultant to expedite the process and get it right. The trend has been to wait until its too late to have Spring ball which results in the new hire being disadvantaged. The deck is already stacked moving to 6A any unnecessary procrastination is pure sabotage. jmo...
  10. Unlike The Greater Metroplex of _ _ _ _ _ _ and others no recruiting or coercing middle school players or their parents to allow their kids to come to BU is done or necessary.
  11. P.S. Shout to 12 News Sports Elam/Cervantes for coverage in the "Playoffs" Thanks Cervantes for some regular season coverage it didnt go unnoticed. Special thanks to SETXSPORTS for this Format.... until next season adios to all.
  12. Thanks Beaumont United for another Fantastic Ride on the BU Train to San Antonio. Some thought we wouldnt get there because we were too "inconsistent". Thanks coach Green and staff for on and off the court leadership for these players. Thanks BU administration and student body for the support at home and away. Thanks BU True and loyal fans. Thank you Naysayers for your constructive/negative criticism. Victory is sweet Back to Back 5A State Champions BU !
  13. Where's your Who you Got Thread on BU lol ?... Awfully quiet on here.

    BU is in the 409 lol and are the last man standing lol. ijs lol.

    1. BMTSoulja1


      Lemme put it up.

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