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  2. Bmt United 53 vs Pearland Dawson 55 Final Game Today Bmt United 53 vs Houston Christian 57 Final Game Today No coaches allowed on bench per UIL Rules.... They Played 2 Halves 10 minutes each not 4 Quarters 3 Basketball players still playing Football. didnt play. No excuses work in progress Go BU......
  3. 5A Bmt United 56 6A Clear Brook 53 Final (Today) 5A Bmt United vs 6A Pearland Dawson 5pm (Today)
  4. Westbrook 07 Northshore 38 Early 4th....Mass substitution by N.Shore
  5. They all count now. Knock the rust off. Game one of 7. Let it do what it do. Good luck BU...
  6. No thread started on Westbrook vs North Shore why ? Where's YeoJ, WB 82 State Champ,  Bugatti and Buddy Garrity who rides with Westbrook when they winning. Crickets...Not the same energy when they handled BU. Just my observation lol..

    1. Mr. Buddy Garrity

      Mr. Buddy Garrity

      Incorrect. It's Port Arthur Memorial and Summer Creek over here. I talk about WB to annoy Soulja. 

  7. Curious: Is this current AD one in the same that passed on Langston when he applied for the Ozen and United Head job if I'm correct. I do know Langston has applied more than once For the Head job with Bisd, Including applying at Westbrook previously.
  8. I wish Bryce a speedy and healthy recovery. His future is ahead of this season at the high school level.
  9. LoL stuff happens Spring Westfield handled State ranked #4 and National rank #9 North Shore 27-21 Friday night. Dethroning is in the realm of possibilities on any given night in high school sports. jmo...
  10. Who's Temple boys basketball new head coach. I saw Michael Thomas at BISD new employee orientation a few days ago. Will Mike T. join United or Westbrook ?
  11. 5A-Bmt United(Lite). 72.....District 6-6A Coppell 59 Final...Played 6-25-21 5A-Bmt United vs Back to Back 6A State Champions Duncanville 6-26-21...11:20am
  12. Beaumont United (30-0) next stop San Antonio for all the marbles....Congrats and good luck Timberwolves...
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