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  1. I wasnt counting unconfirmed 7- 3's...plus his other scoring
  2. Yates is on fire 75- 45 United.....Coach Green pulls his starters...2:00 to play 4th
  3. United 68 Barbers Hill 45 3:00 to play 4th Yates for United got HOT sinking 3's....
  4. United 45 Barbers Hill 37 3:00 to play 3rd.....Second Tech called on United...
  5. Foul count 7-1....United 21 Barbers Hill 19 5:19 to play 2nd Qt
  6. Welp Im not one to complain about Officiating lol... United 19 Barbers Hill 14 end of 1st One of United starting guards has 3 fouls
  7. What time is "BU-Lite" game scheduled for today? Will it be just one game or will the Fresh and JV play as well ?
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