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  1. 2018 North Shore

    No. Signed, The 1985 Jack Yates Lions Five players played in the NFL, four of which had long NFL careers: Johnny Bailey, deceased, Santana Dotson, Quinton Smith, and Melvin Foster. From the Houston Chronicle, online edition 8/6/2016, Yates Set Standard With State Football Title in '85" ---  "Yates had 36 seniors, more than half of whom played four years of college football and two-thirds of whom went on to earn college degrees. At least five of them signed with NFL teams."
  2. I did not see PN-G play Huntsville, but I did see PN-G play FBM.  The Mavs have elite speed.  #23 and #5 are a threat to score from anywhere on the field.  The QB #1 is tall, elusive, and when he winds-up, he can throw darts.  #5 from FBM is a high school version of Reggie Bush.  If he gets to the perimeter or second level, he is a TD machine.  I don't know what Huntsville has, but they better put someone extremely fast on #23 and #5 from the time those kids get off the bus. Great season, Indians.  Peace.
  3. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    Not me.  I'm guessing 5-5 or 6-4.  His overall record was 95-64 (.596).  A little better than .500.  I was not a fan of student body right, student body left, 3-step passing game, and punting.  I like scores of 72-69 vs. 3-0.  I get it.  Some like offense, some like defense. Go Indians.  Peace.
  4. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    In today's game, the hit by Chris Gohlke on the LaMarque WR would be targeting and he would be ejected from the game.  I'm not taking a jab at Chris Gohlke.  My comment is more about how the game of football has changed in the past 19 years.  In 1999, that type of hit was not frowned upon.  DBs were coached to hammer WRs running seam routes. PN-G was penalized for the hit (15 yards for unnecessary roughness), but there was no doubt that the hit changed the game.  LaMarque WRs were looking for the hammer when running up the seams or running crossing routes. That hit today would be on You Tube and people across the globe would be screaming to shut down the Texas high school playoffs. Dustin Long ran for his life much of the night inside the Astrodome, but he extended plays and hit PN-G WRs over the top and behind the deep zones all night long.  As I remember, the first two series were scripted by PN-G.  The Indians dinked and dunked with some quick and short passes.  Once LaMarque rolled up tight coverage, Dustin Long burned them over the top.  He was on fire that night throwing lasers inside the Dome.  The defense played lights out.  The LaMarque RB got his yards, but the Indians shut him down around the goal line.  22-6. Good memories. Go Indians.  Peace.
  5. RJ ran wild and then used his red-hot right arm to knock-out Lindale.  From the second play of scrimmage in the 1st Q when he ran 60 yards for a TD, everyone on the Lindale sideline knew that RJ was the best player on the field.  The 50-yard bomb to #21 during the 2nd Q was a laser that crushed any hopes of a Lindale win.  Nice job by the defensive coaching staff at halftime to make adjustments and shut down the Lindale run game.  Solid game by defenders #25, #90, #47, #55, #42, and #4 (nice INT and return).  The Indian defensive unit played very well in the second half.  Nice job, Coach Templin and D-staff. FB Marshall is next.  Tough game.  PN-G will need its best effort of the year to have a shot at the W.  No penalties or turnovers, give RJ some running lanes and time to throw, and make a few stops on defense.  Do all of that and let's see what happens.  Play your game, Indians and we'll add up the score at the end and see where we stand. Go Indians.  Peace.
  6. Marshall 62 Nederland 24/FINAL

    Nederland went down fighting, kicking, and scrapping.  The Dogs played an excellent first half.  The game plan was solid and the kids executed.  Give credit to Monte Barrow and the coaching staff.  Nederland was well coached for the game.  Turnovers, the break down on kick-off coverage, a loss of momentum (the INT returned for a TD), and Marshall’s talent took over in the 4th Q. The Nederland players and fans should focus on the positives.  Co-District Champs, 10-win season, and lots of returning players on both sides of the ball. Specifics about the Marshall game.  #11 battled until his injury, #1 can sling the ball around, solid OL play, and an excellent fake punt in the 2nd Q…great call, nice design, and executed perfectly.  It gave the Dogs some momentum before the half.  Unfortunately, the Mavs grabbed ‘ol Mo in the second half. Fun game to watch at NRG before the Indians rolled Lindale. Go Indians.  Peace.
  7. Skip the hearsay (not heresay) and contact Coach Faircloth.  End of stupidity; end of story.  Use email, electronic mail, your cellular device or smoke signals.  No one cares.  Go ask him in-person.  Lighten up...go get your answers. Go Indians.  Peace.
  8. Coach Faircloth works at PN-G High School.  He is not hard to find.  Drive over there and go ask him.  If you are out of town or afraid to speak with him face-to-face, then call PN-G High School at 409.729.7644 (ask for Coach Faircloth or extension 280) or send him electronic mail at bfaircloth@pngisd.org.  Coach Faircloth stood up for his players to a coward in the stands.  So, when you speak with him, be sure you say, "thanks."
  9. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    Looking forward to the PN-G and Nederland games at NRG.  Against Marshall, Nederland will do what they have been doing for the past 25 years: 1. Worry about the things the Dogs control; block out all of the other noise. 2. Play solid defense.  Keep everything in front of you; don’t give up a big play or cheap TD. 3. On offense, establish the line of scrimmage and run north/south. 4. When opportunities are there, throw the ball downfield and make a big play. 5. Limit mistakes/penalties. When Nederland plays its style, they are in every game until the end and they usually have a shot to win.  Over the past two decades, Nederland has won a lot of games when everyone said, “You’ve got no shot.”  See the LaMarque game at NRG when the Dogs played outstanding defense and Micah Mosely ran wild.  See Nederland beating Pearland Dawson in OT six or seven years ago.  And, I’ve seen too many Ned wins vs. PN-G when I thought the Indians had the better talent. Looking forward to Nederland playing well and using its style of football to have a shot at the end.  Don’t listen to the outside noise.  Worry about what you control and play good defense.  That worked for Larry Neumann and Delbert Spell for a long time. See you at NRG. Go Indians.  Peace.
  10. PN-G 48 Northside 7 Final Next week the Indians roll into NRG.  Go Indians.  Peace.
  11. PN-G 42 Northside 0 End of 3Q Go Indians.  Peace.
  12. PN-G 42 Northside 0 3Q - 3:51 Go Indians.  Peace.
  13. PN-G 35 Northside 0 3Q - 10:08 Go Indians.  Peace.
  14. PN-G 28 Northside 0 Halftime Go Indians.  Peace.
  15. PN-G 21 Northside 0 2Q - 2:00+ mins until halftime