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  1. In 1982, TJ beat WB 28-14 at Memorial Stadium in PA.  Craig Stump, Jerry Chaney, Paddy Doyle vs. Gerald Landry and Jerry Ball.  That game flipped the switch for WB.  Alex Durley's WB Bruins did not lose again and rolled to the 5A State Championship beating Hurst L.D. Bell 21-10 at the Astrodome.  Two years later, Beaumont French took their turn at the state championship podium with a 21-21 tie vs. Odessa Permian at Cowboys stadium in Irving.  Two years later, WO-S started its dynasty collecting state championship trophies.  Great times back then.  From 1975-1989, the Golden Triangle had some good times in football.  PN-G, Hebert, TJ, WB, French, and WO-S...all playing in or winning the state championship. Back on topic...Nederland gets the W. Go Indians.  Peace.
  2. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    No idea who uta would pursue, but I would suggest a long look at Kirby Smart.  He is Saban 2.0 and he is younger with a competitive fire burning to win a national championship.  He recruits all over the country and defense would not be an issue.  He will ensure that you have a top defense.  Saban is too old to rebuild a program.  Kirby Smart is in his prime.  Plus, I am not aware of baggage following Kirby Smart.  No affairs, no beating women, no grade scandals, no booster issues, etc.
  3. Port Arthur Memorial 48 Deer Park 20/FINAL

    DaJuan McMillian may be the best defensive player in the State of Texas.  That is not an overstatement.  Explosive at the snap and strong enough to shred two and three OL blocks.  Barring injuries, PAM should have a deep run into December.  You can watch a lot of HS football and you will not find a better defensive player than McMillian.
  4. Abortion - I'm not in favor of it.  All life has value.  Be the best mother/father you can be.  Being a parent is best job that I ever had. Killing of Peace Officers - it is insane that this is even an issue in a civilized society.  A first responder is special.  Anyone who puts his/her life in jeopardy so that our public spaces are safe is a special person, and one that I am thankful for and happy to support with my tax dollars.  Those that kill or injure first responders should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Immigration - respect and protect international borders.  It is harsh to separate small children from their mother and father.  Keep them together in a detention center and prosecute them under the law; return them to their country of origin. Not all centrists or slightly left leaning people are crazy or hell bent on destroying the USA. Go Indians.  Peace.
  5. LumRadier Fan No.  Likewise, if your parents fail to pay income taxes or if they shoplift, we don't send you to jail.  We don't punish the sons/daughters for the sins of the parents.  I think Englebert hits close to the answer.  Something that most reasonable people will agree upon.  Legislators need to change the law.  If you are going to deport families that come here illegally, then keep them together and return them to their country of origin.  Separating families and putting people in "tent cities" or "undocumented palaces of enchantment" is not the moral answer that I think most Americans want. Go Indians.  Peace.
  6. Reagan 1. What is wrong with the opinions of Mrs. Bush? 2. Do you disagree with Mrs. Bush because her criticism rings hollow?  See www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/laura-bushs-critique-of-trumps-immigration-policy-rings-hollow.   Nash 1. How large is the situation?  Where is the evidence to support your claim? 2.  How large does the situation need to be before it becomes a moral issue that should be discussed?   Englebert 1. Do we punish the sons/daughters for the sins of the parents? 2. Immigration laws need to be enforced.  We should examine the means to the end.  Is there is a way to do it so we don't separate kids from parents?  I don't want to see concentration camps in the Rio Grande Valley or in El Paso.  Why not just keep the families together and then deport them all to their town/region/country of origin?  Why separate them?   Go Indians.  Peace.
  7. www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/article/Laura-Bush-Separating-children-from-their-13002381.php Thoughts? Go Indians.  Peace.
  8. I support BigCam2903 for President in 2020. Go Indians.  Peace.  
  9. Impeach Them All

    Impeach Them All Does that include President Trump since he signed the spending bill? Go Indians.  Peace.
  10. Congratulations to the Port Arthur Memorial Titans.  Happy to see Port Arthur back in the business of bringing home championship hardware.  Reminds me of Port Arthur Lincoln in 1981, 1984, 1986, 1988, and 1989.  I'm showing my age.  Ouch. Go Indians (...Go Titans!).  Peace.
  11. I'm not short-changing the impact of a merger on Central/Ozen's football program, but can you imagine the basketball powerhouse that will result from Central/Ozen?  I get it...other large 6A schools have talent, too, but I believe Central/Ozen should be a force at the state level year in and year out.  Imagine Central/Ozen finding an icon coach like PA Lincoln had in James Gamble, and then a program gets built, tradition starts to build, and then just like PA Lincoln, boom, championship hardware starts to pile up.  Sorry for the distraction...my mind went to basketball when I read the newspaper and saw the merger of Central and Ozen.  Back to football. Go Indians.  Peace.
  12. For the trickle down critics

    I am not aware of UTC/Carrier being in any financial trouble.  Carrier is one of the leaders in market share for commercial and residential HVAC products/equipment.  Aside from your personal experience with a Carrier product, many people are buying their products/equipment.  I found it interesting that approximately one year ago President Trump took credit for saving American jobs.  Props to President Trump for putting the issue of jobs on his agenda and getting Carrier to stay open for business in Indiana for an additional year.  Now, those jobs are adios.  UTC/Carrier is eliminating some jobs due to automation and moving other jobs south of the border to increase profits and shareholder value.  I get that.  Still, it stings for the man or woman holding that Carrier job in Indiana.  Compassion for fellow Americans is not a weakness.  I'd rather Americans in Indiana working those jobs versus someone else in Mexico or overseas. I know...the next argument from the far right is..."it's the fault of unions!"  "Carrier is leaving Indiana because the unions force companies to pay high wages to lazy workers!"  "There are no unions in Mexico...automation systems don't unionize!"  I agree to an extent.  We need find common ground for our country's manufacturing sector to continue its production and dare I say, growth. If UTC/Carrier benefited from tax reform, I hope it trickles down to the shareholders and to the working man/woman.  That's all.  Peace.
  13. For the trickle down critics

    Did United Technologies Corporation or its brand, Carrier Corporation, benefit from tax reform?  If yes, can they use those tax savings to help the people in Indiana that will soon be out of work?  Thumbs-up, UTC and Carrier waited until after Christmas to implement the layoffs.  Thumbs-down, shipping jobs to Mexico.  Maybe if the USA builds the wall, we can keep the people from $h%+hole countries out of the USA and we can keep manufacturing jobs inside the USA? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/08/more-layoffs-planned-at-carrier-plant-trump-promised-to-save.html   http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2018/01/10/new-layoffs-at-indiana-carrier-factory-year-after-trump-deal.html
  14. PNG Defense Needs Help

    Name one underclassman, that was a starter on defense in 2016, that did not return to his starting position this season?  All of the returning starters are playing except for Stansbury who switched to offense.  Just because a kid started in pee-wee football coached by your neighbor, or at the junior high, freshman, or JV levels, does not guarantee a starting spot at the varsity level.  Players earn their spot.  If an underclassman is better, he should play.  MB deferred to upperclassmen and likely went 5-5.  Those teams tackled well and still missed the playoffs.  I'll take what we have now.  Post-Dustin/Mike Long, MB had two losing seasons and three 5-5 seasons.  But, go watch the film, they tackled well.  Maybe Coach Arnaud decided to coach a lower level for his own reasons.  Maybe he wanted less stress or he wanted to spend some time with his family.  Perhaps we should ask him? But, don't worry, Coach Faircloth will tire of the BS and move on.  When he does, you can go back to 5-5 won/loss records and celebrate upperclassmen making tackles until basketball season starts. Go Indians.  Peace.
  15. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Predictions: 1. Vidor will not cut the grass at the Cow Pasture aka Ivan Croak Field at Pirate Stadium.  The grass will be more than ankle deep and it will take the Indians two or three drives to figure out the slow footing.  I hope we bring multiple sets of shoes. The Indians may need the mudders or the long cleats depending upon the weather. 2. Vidor will have a Quirante on the roster.  As long as he doesn't play QB and MLB, the Indians should survive. 3. Coach Matthews will come out to midfield and argue that the forward pass is an illegal procedure.  Teams are only allowed to line up in the wing-T and run the ball. 4. The Indians will survive a close contest in Vidor.  The Pirates get amped for the Mid-County teams and they play PN-G and nederland tough year-in and year-out.  The PN-G defense will make a few stops and secure the W. Go Indians.  Peace.