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  1. Welcome to the Republican Party

    The lens that I use...I see saving everyone.  I don't view abortion or capital punishment as acceptable.  There is no choice or interpretation.  Thou shall not kill = do not kill anyone. Peacel.
  2. Welcome to the Republican Party

    What about those on death row that don't belong there?  People on death row have been proven not guilty of their alleged crimes.  Some have luckily walked away after serving time on death row.  What about those that "get justice" when they don't belong there?  Is the taking of those innocent lives OK?  Do we just mark those off as the State getting it wrong.  Too bad, they should not have been there to begin with.  DNA or other evidence may prove the State wrongly took a life, but that happens.  It is justice; it is not state sanctioned killing?  I'm not advocating for abortion or capital punishment.  Ethically, I see the state allowing murder, be it a fetus, a baby, or an innocent person on death row, as wrong.  I'm a fan of your original statement.  Murder is murder.  Thou Shall Not Kill does not need any interpretation.  Apply it across the board and do so consistently.  Save babies, innocent people on death row, and even those that are guilty on death row.  Let's not have the State involved in any type of taking life.  And, I'm a centralist with a lean to the left.  See, not all liberals are evil. Peace.
  3. Welcome to the Republican Party

    So-called liberals encouraged changing those laws of the land.  Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and others that challenged the establishment and status quo..  And, we had that thing...let's see, what was it...the War of Northern Aggression a/k/a the Civil War.  That brought about change.  The 14th and 15th Amendments, reconstruction, Jim Crow laws, Plessy v. Ferguson and Separate-But-Equal, the industrial revolution, Upton Sinclair's book, The Jungle, the rise of unions to prevent unfair labor practices, WWI, the 19th Amendment, the Great Depression, FDR, WWII, Thurgood Marshall challenging Separate-But-Equal with Brown v. Board of Education, the Warren Court, the Burger Court, the Rehnquist Court, etc.  Change happens.  Whether it is good or bad depends upon the lens with which you view the change.
  4. Welcome to the Republican Party

    Does the murder is murder statement apply to capital punishment?
  5. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

    That is the plan at UH.  We want Coach Sampson to stay as long as he would like.  He has rebuilt our program from the ground up.  He has run a clean program.  No issues with recruiting, kids on the team, staff, grades, or cell phones (the show cause issue that forced his ouster at Indiana).  He re-established recruiting links in the Houston area, over in North Carolina where he has strong ties, and on the national AAU circuit.  We are getting better recruits thanks to Coach Sampson.  He has told the administration (i.e., Dr. Renu Khator and Tilman Fertitta) that he would like for UH to be his last college stop.  If the NBA comes calling, he will consider it.  If the NBA knocks on your door, you answer it.  If that happens, Little Sampson (Kellen) will be the successor at UH.  Nightmare scenario for UH would be Coach Sampson leading the Cougars, Kellen gets an opportunity elsewhere while his father is coaching at UH, and then, after Kellen leaves UH, the NBA comes calling for Coach Sampson.  For now, we will enjoy the ride.  You can't worry about the things that you can't control.  If the NBA stays away and we can keep Coach Sampson for a couple of more years, I'll be happy.  He's due for raise and he will get one.  Khator and Fertitta have a good relationship with Coach Sampson.  Running joke among UH fans is that Fertitta will move Coach Sampson up the chain and over to the Rockets bench and then he will promote Little Sampson at UH.  Who knows what will happen.  Enjoying 2018-2019 for now. Go Indians...Go Coogs.  Peace.
  6. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Joe Burrow was a JR in 2018.  Unless he declares for the NFL, which I do not believe he has, then he should return as the starter at LSU. Go Coogs.  Peace.
  7. I'm aware of where the money comes from for college sports and how TV contracts work for conference realignment.  The networks/advertisers hand-out the money, but the NCAA controls the product on the field.  The NCAA will do what ND, Texas, Alabama, Southern Cal, Michigan, Ohio State, and a few other power brands dictate.  The rest of us need to be attractive enough to be selected to fill-out the framework.  That includes TAMU.  The formula to get picked:  win, continue to win, win some more, win big on the national stage when you have your shot, have outstanding facilities, solid fan base, and always improving your brand.  TAMU does great at most of those criteria.  Props to TAMU.  Others of us have a ways to go, but we're moving in the right direction. Go Indians.  Go Coogs.  Peace.
  8. In re: Big XII expansion, it depends upon what Texas wants to do.  Regardless of OU fans arguing that the Sooners control the Big XII with championships and playing on the national stage, it is Texas that controls what happens in the Big XII.  Texas is the Jones family and everyone else is trying to keep up.  Texas can control its own destiny at any stage of NCAA conference realignments.  Texas could go independent (if it so chooses; they have the money and fan base to do it with no problems), the Horns could stay in the Big XII, they could ease over to the Big X, prop-up the Pac-12, or they could join the SEC, if they wanted to do so.  There is not a conference in college sports that would decline Texas.  OU is handcuffed by the state legislature in Oklahoma.  Wherever the Sooners go, too many politicians in Oklahoma want the OK State Cowboys to follow.  The OK State anchor puts a lock on what OU can and cannot do when it comes time for conference alignment.  If the Big XII expands, contracts, or stays with the status quo, it will be Texas that decides the answer.  The Horns have the peso, thus, they have the say so.  TCU, Baylor, KSU, Kansas, OSU, TT, ISU, WV, and even OU to a lesser extent, should follow the model of Tiger Woods' golf caddie, "Show up, keep up, and shut up."  Everything else will take care of itself.  For UH, we need to keep our Tier I education status, keep our football, men's basketball, and baseball programs on solid ground, keep improving attendance, keep improving facilities (sports and other), and keep building the brand under Dr. Renu Khator and Tilman Ferttita.  Do all of that, and expansion will take a good look at you. Go Indians.  Go Coogs.  Peace.
  9. I'm not sure if Dana Holgerson is coming to UH or not, but the rumor mill at Houston says DH has a house in Houston, he enjoyed his time at UH during 2008-2009, he has been to UH since the Cougars upgraded facilities (TDECU Stadium and the new indoor practice facility) and DH told the UH admins that he could see himself at a new gig with new facilities, he can recruit Texas and Louisiana for the speed he likes at skilled positions, and most important, he and Tilman Fertitta have had some discussions in the past week.  If Fertitta wants it to happen and DH is serious about returning to Texas, then Fertitta will pay the price (insert joke here, i.e., pay the price with Landry's gift cards or poker chips from the casinos, etc.).  Supposedly, DH is leaving WV one way or the other.  The AD at WV wants "his guy" and DH does not like the cold weather (he's a guy that does not like to wear shoes that often; he's a shorts and flip flop guy with lots of cold beer in hand)...plus, WV has refused to give him a pay raise and an extension.  In the end, it's about $$$$.  We'll see how it shakes down.  If not DH, then I hope UH goes after the coach at Troy, Neal Brown. Go Indians.  Go Coogs.  Peace.
  10. Parts of it do shut down.  I have a friend that works in Washington, D.C. with the Secret Service.  An employee with more than 29 years of service to both (R) and (D) Presidents.  He is an agent that has since moved up the chain of command.  He and his staff have been furloughed.  Off work with no pay.  National Parks are closed and the staffs that work at them have been furloughed.  Don't come to work, no pay.  I agree, the major components of the U.S. Government remain open for business.  But, the shutdown does affect some.  I'd say the when it affects the Secret Service, the uniformed division, the agents, and the staff, e.g., fleet management, that is affecting national security.  Lots of government contractors have been furloughed, too. If the US was to initially fund the wall and seek reimbursements from Mexico, then why didn't President Trump say that when he campaigned for office?  He changed the narrative after being elected.  He does that often.  So did Obama on healthcare.  Not cool, regardless of (R) or (D). I do like some of Englebert's proposals.  I am concerned about the stress placed on the US health care systems and local law enforcements due to undocumented populations. Off the internet...back to Christmas with the family.  Peace.
  11. Question for Liberals or Conservatives.  Trump campaigned for office saying that Mexico would pay for a border wall.  He said it again as POTUS when he had a back-and-forth argument with the outgoing Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrado.  Now, President Trump has shut down the United States government because he wants Congress to fund $5B for the border wall.  If Mexico was going to pay for the wall, then why is President Trump asking Congress for $5B to fund construction of the wall? Happy Holidays to all...enjoy the season with your family, friends, and loved ones.  Peace.
  12. 2018 North Shore

    No. Signed, The 1985 Jack Yates Lions Five players played in the NFL, four of which had long NFL careers: Johnny Bailey, deceased, Santana Dotson, Quinton Smith, and Melvin Foster. From the Houston Chronicle, online edition 8/6/2016, Yates Set Standard With State Football Title in '85" ---  "Yates had 36 seniors, more than half of whom played four years of college football and two-thirds of whom went on to earn college degrees. At least five of them signed with NFL teams."
  13. I did not see PN-G play Huntsville, but I did see PN-G play FBM.  The Mavs have elite speed.  #23 and #5 are a threat to score from anywhere on the field.  The QB #1 is tall, elusive, and when he winds-up, he can throw darts.  #5 from FBM is a high school version of Reggie Bush.  If he gets to the perimeter or second level, he is a TD machine.  I don't know what Huntsville has, but they better put someone extremely fast on #23 and #5 from the time those kids get off the bus. Great season, Indians.  Peace.
  14. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    Not me.  I'm guessing 5-5 or 6-4.  His overall record was 95-64 (.596).  A little better than .500.  I was not a fan of student body right, student body left, 3-step passing game, and punting.  I like scores of 72-69 vs. 3-0.  I get it.  Some like offense, some like defense. Go Indians.  Peace.
  15. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    In today's game, the hit by Chris Gohlke on the LaMarque WR would be targeting and he would be ejected from the game.  I'm not taking a jab at Chris Gohlke.  My comment is more about how the game of football has changed in the past 19 years.  In 1999, that type of hit was not frowned upon.  DBs were coached to hammer WRs running seam routes. PN-G was penalized for the hit (15 yards for unnecessary roughness), but there was no doubt that the hit changed the game.  LaMarque WRs were looking for the hammer when running up the seams or running crossing routes. That hit today would be on You Tube and people across the globe would be screaming to shut down the Texas high school playoffs. Dustin Long ran for his life much of the night inside the Astrodome, but he extended plays and hit PN-G WRs over the top and behind the deep zones all night long.  As I remember, the first two series were scripted by PN-G.  The Indians dinked and dunked with some quick and short passes.  Once LaMarque rolled up tight coverage, Dustin Long burned them over the top.  He was on fire that night throwing lasers inside the Dome.  The defense played lights out.  The LaMarque RB got his yards, but the Indians shut him down around the goal line.  22-6. Good memories. Go Indians.  Peace.