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  1. I say stay focused.  Use tunnel vision.  If you wake up and it is the 4th qtr of the championship game,  and you got a lead (Silsbee) then go for it.  Deal with the results after that.
  2. South San Tournament Field

    Teams in cities like Houston, Dallas can reload quick.  The season will show where Carter is at on the floor.
  3. South San Tournament Field

    Who is their best player?  Are you talking about that 5'9" pg?  I forgot his name.  He may have graduated also.
  4. She worked a 15 hour shift.  She parked on her level.  His apartment was just under her's on the level below.  She had complained about loud noises from him before. So, she comes down to his level and 'does something' about the noise.  People have murdered other people for less.    
  5. South San Tournament Field

    I saw that too. D Lincoln beat Carter 2 of 3 games last year.   The 3rd game meant the most.  Hard to beat a team 3 times in a season.
  6. Pay increase for federal employees

    In terms of the legality of having an ID, that which is legal, is de facto not advisable.  Most working, law abiding citizens have Identification.  They can't function in society without one.  Law enforcement knows this.  Anyone who doesn't want to be detained should know it.  It is really hard to have gainful employment without ID.  If you willfully don't have id, then what kind of underground economy are you participating in?  Manna stopped falling from heaven a long time ago.
  7. Pay increase for federal employees

    Most people drive from here to there.  If they can't drive, they wish they could drive. The vast majority of encounters with the police will involve someone in a vehicle.  I used to catch the bus.  I need to do so again.  It is good exercise. The police never stopped me and asked questions.  We have three cars in this household and only two drivers.  So I drive.  If I get pulled over I got to show a license, or I will get ticketed.  I could get my license suspended, maybe even accrue surcharges.   I've heard a story of guys standing around outside a convenience store, in the inner city.  The HPD came by, lined them up, and everyone who did not have ID was taken downtown.  I wasn't there when that happened, but the person who told me this is trustworthy. I have met some radical types who say they purposely don't have ID or even a social security card.  How they function in society I don't know.      
  8. When United became a reality and the b ball program hired Green, one of the first thoughts that came to mind was sooner or later Silsbee players will want to leave SISD so they can play for United.. It has not happened yet, as far as I know, but it could down the road.
  9. Tigers in Pasadena

    You said a couple of seasons ago that this season would be their best.  I was neutral on that evaluation then, but now I agree.  Still got to play the season just the same.
  10. Tigers in Pasadena

    I am scared of injuries.
  11. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Impressive TD run by UT freshman rb Keaontay Ingram.
  12. Tigers in Pasadena

    Maybe the Tigers should shut it down until practice officially starts.
  13. Pay increase for federal employees

    I'm not trying to play any type of card, but for me, or someone else that is black like me, if you get pulled over you had better have an ID.  If you don't have an ID and they ask what is your name your dang sure better tell therm.  Not doing so is a good way to get beat down and or shot.
  14. Pay increase for federal employees

    Border patrol agents are federal employees.  The secret service are too.  Air traffic controllers, the pilots that fly air force one, the police that guard the white house, they are all federal employees.
  15. Tigers in Pasadena

    Wins are good anytime.   You really can't tell until mid November.
  16. Tigers in Pasadena

    Does Westlake have all that height like last year?
  17. This is just my opinion.  Strictly conjecture.
  18. I think he tried to transfer, but the district or the UIL denied it.
  19. Pay increase for federal employees

    Time will tell.
  20. They might go inside erry now & then. Everybody on that team likes to run, gun and press.
  21. It is.  Take a look around.  
  22. That's your impression.  The rapture, or 2nd coming of Christ will be the most tumultuous event in the history of this planet.  It will not be a secret.   As I've stated more than once, no man knows the exact time or date. 
  23. Pay increase for federal employees

    I work for the state of Texas.  I earn every dime I make.  I've been cursed out, sneezed on.  Lied on.  I've dealt with a whole lot of mentally impaired customers.  I do so with no protective shield in front of me.  Every morning here lately, the line is wrapped around the building. I put away my cell phone.  Facebook and other stuff is blocked.  Tuesday I worked 10.50 hours from 745 am until 715pm.  I put in an hour of overtime almost every day.  I don't get paid a lot.  I am thankful for my job just the same.  One or two nights a week I supplement my income by delivering pizzas, at papa johns at that. The beauty of it is I don't have to ask anyone for anything.  I earned it.  Anyone who says differently is a liar. Also I've helped a lot of physically impaired people.  These people need identification to survive.  If you don't believe me try opening a bank account or getting basic human service without an ID.  If you do not have an ID the police can ticket you or take you to jail.   I could go on and on.  I am well versed on this topic.  I see  and do it everyday.      
  24. I saw on twitter that Kasen Harrison is playing for Silsbee.  I asked one of the b ball assistant coaches about this in a dm and he said he had not seen Harrison at SHS.  School has now been in session almost two weeks.  But...if it is true, and he is on  the team I definitely have no problems with it.