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  1. Good observation.  I love Dev, Jordyn, and all the other good players past & present, but if Silsbee had Bush, playing his game, they would have beaten Lincoln in that championship game. He was in the 8th grade then. Bush started last season shooting luke warm, and the team started slow.  Bray was red hot when they played Yates in the regional final and stayed hot during the state championship tournament and the rest is history.  
  2. Coach Sigler & the team doing the same thing they did last season & the season before, getting battle tested for the 4A playoffs.  Hoops, myself & others have said it over and over this is a nice era for Silsbee but they and not a truly transcendent team, like Yates in '10, and some of those PA Lincoln teams back in the day.  Those teams would take on anybody, regardless of class & size and smash.   Win state in 4A again and nobody will care about this game. Yates, D Carter, Lincoln, Wilmer Hutchins, Arglye, one of those Waco teams, & maybe one of two 4A sleeper teams  I don't know about, that's who you gotta beat.  Running the table in the 409 that's just pride.
  3. PA b ball has been down up until last year.
  4. Silsbee started slow last season.  Everybody is or was in a euphoric stupor from winning back to back 4A titles.  This was a nice wake up call.  They will be aiight.  As has been said they got a really big target on their backs.  They had one last year so they have experience dealing with that.  Get the football players back. Gel as a team.  Get hot just before the playoffs.  It's going to be a good season, maybe even very special.
  5. Silsbee faced that 6'9" post from Pasadena when they scrimmaged against UT in Austin.  Is the guy for CL better? PAM is not 4A so this game is just 409 bragging rights.  
  6. Morton Ranch, North Shore, Klein Forest & Sam Houston seem to be the top 6A schools in the greater Houston area, not necessarily in that order.   There could be a sleeper team on two that I don't know about.
  7. Silsbee lost to Concordia by 7 or 8 at the thanksgiving showcase at Houston Christian's gym last year.  Hellums and others on that team show lights out from three.  I think that was on Jay Adams mind when he hit all those shots in the fall game.
  8. The refs weren't calling fouls.  They were just blowing their whistles.  That was an off season game. I think Silsbee could handle Concordia in a regular season game though.
  9. Considering this was the first game for this high school, BU,  for this team, for this program that is a respectable final score.  They will get better.
  10. I had plans to attend the last two games, but I've been home sick.  I reached for the outside door knob to let the dog out, that's it.
  11. I was thinking of posting the same thing.  CP wasn't making that much noise with Grimes.  He did what he could but one player can only do so much.
  12. People like you are a bunch of gun worshipping zombies.  
  13. Are you proud of another mass shooting, this time in thousand oaks?
  14. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

    Mac McClung has a dynamic game against an almost anonymous team.   He can slam for sure.  I want to see his other skills.  I am sure Georgetown will be on tv more often this season.
  15. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

    Zion put on a show.
  16. Quentin Grimes

    I got home in time to watch some of the 2nd half.  He looked comfortable on the court.  His ball handling skills served him well.  If I get the time I'll watch the whole game. I was just as interested in seeing Zion Williamson and Barrett for Duke.  I fell asleep on that one.  I think I missed a show.  They blew Kentucky out.  Gotta watch the recording of that one too.
  17. Scrimmages Tomorrow Nov. 3rd

    Next week, or the week after that things will kick of for sure.
  18. I was working during reagan, bush, clinton, bush, obama, knot head.  Ain't none of them helped me. I didn't need it.  God helped me.
  19. Texas @ Okie Lite

    S Fla getting beat by UH was bitter sweet.  Still, Ok St whupping UT & Herman acting a donkey afterwards. Jimbo Fisher's team losing to Miss St, after a 10 game break.  Nice.  Then Arizona beating Oregon.   IMO K Barnes should of chose UH. It was almost a perfect situation, but I'll take it for now.
  20. Tomorrow

    I'm ready for the season to start.  I got a feeling I"m not the only one.
  21. Tomorrow

    AI was tough as nails, cat quick, and extremely talented.  I wish he could of played in his prime under today's NBA rules.  He would average 40 pts a game, easily.
  22. Tigers in Pearland

    Nice.  I have no idea how tall Harmon is.
  23. Tigers in Pearland

    is this player named Harmon?
  24. One of the last times I was in the Campbell I saw Carmelo A play as a Sr in high school.