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  1. Housing prices is just one issue.  There are many issues.  Nobody has an answer for any of them.  
  2. Racism is racism.  It doesn't matter who is in office and who is not.  It may be more out in the open when It seems to be more favorable to do so.  It was there all the time.   Besides, racism is just one issue.  There are good vs bad issues that jump across. There are gender issues, earth quake issues and other natural disasters.  Classism issues.  Soon, if a person can't afford to buy a $750,000.00 town house that person is going to be homeless  that is a serious issues I could go on and on..
  3. If and when one of those teams advances far enough I'lll will start paying real attention.
  4. I know this is suspect, but max preps and the UIL bracket say Washington vs Brazosport and Furr vs Lamarque.  
  5. Houston BT Washington is playing Brazosport somewhere.  Anyone got info on that game? And when did Brazosport switch over to reg 3 from region 4?  After the last realignment I guess. I am just now noticing that.
  6. Nice.  Ahh, the playoffs are here.
  7. Silsbee vs Splendora Monday

    This could be the last time i get to see this group.  I've been following Devon and Jay since they were freshmen. Devon was 5'8".  Jordyn was maybe 6'2" and thin.   I remember asking "which player is Devon McCain?"  He's so small.  Everyone said he was the spark plug of the team.  Silsbee was playing Bellaire at the Episcopal HS field house.  Devon was coming down hill with the ball, going 100, down the right side of the paint.  Standing between him and the goal was this 6'5" 300lb post player for Bellaire.  Devon didn't break stride.  He stretched the ball out in his right hand, Scotty Pippen style, and put some kind of crazy english, spin, on the ball.  It skipped across the backboard, rolled and bounced around the rim a few times and went it.  I said to myself Okay, I see it now.  The next four seasons will be very interesting.  And they have been.
  8. It will all come together & make sense one day.  
  9. Read Keys of this Blood by Malachi Martin.
  10. SOTU: Pence seated on one side, (catholic).  Pelosi on the other (catholic).   Trump in the middle promoting the catholic doctrine of 'common good'.    It is right there in your faces and you can't see it. Ocasio Cortez is onboard too.
  11. Before Marx & Engels there were the reductions in North & South America.
  12. I started to go to that game. Watching Yates play district games is boring. I am concerned about Silsbee vs Yates, if they play.  It would be a let down if the Tigers don't get out of region. But, I was concerned last year too.  That worked out.  Hopefully this season's playoff run will work out as well.
  13. It's only a matter of time...

    No difference between abortion and separating a four year old from his or her parents are the border, or anywhere else. People only see the evil they want to see.
  14. UH is playing quality basketball this season.  They are comparable to any college program in the state.   No need to go to Austin Peay or anywhere else.  It is all right there off Scott st in Houston.
  15. Read Keys of this Blood by Malachi Martin.e Better yet read the Bible, starting in genesis with Cain & Abel, the Tower of Babel, Nimrod, etc.  
  16. Communism was created & perfected in the reduction communes back in the 16th century, long before Marx & Engels.
  17. Read this:   http://pdf.amazingdiscoveries.org/Conspiracy_Theories/The%20Secret%20Terrorists.pdf
  18. The group that invented socialism and communism pretty much run this country.  They have been running things for a long time.
  19. Tit For Tat

    There is going to be four groups when It is all said and done.  That time is a lot closer than many think.   Those four groups are: the righteous living/ the wicked living,   The righteous dead/ the wicked dead.   That's it.    Everything else is just a lot of noice and hot air.
  20. Racist Posters on the Forum

    This is a very open forum.  People post all kinds of crazy and offensive stuff.  Goes with the territory.
  21. Racist Posters on the Forum

    All evil in this world is attributable to satan.  White men are just men. They live and die like everyone else. And like everyone else they cling to their bibles but don't read them.  If they do read it they only adhere to the parts they want and ignore the rest.  
  22. Lumberton At Silsbee

    Yeah, I remember now.  A lot of Silsbee's team was still playing football when they lost to Lumberton.  Now Airman Barnes had a good game on the boards against Yates in Huntsville.   The week before I saw them play Kashmere at Lee College in Baytown.  That Holmes/Elam back court could press, trap and run with the best of them.   If that team had played Lumberton later in the season it would have been a blow out.
  23. Lumberton At Silsbee

    Silsbee lost to Lumberton around that time. I remember the game.  I think it was early in the season.  They talked trash about that win like it was the Super Bowl.
  24. I've met the coach at BT Washington, but alas, I can't remember his name. He used to come to the dps office I work at. When I told him Silsbee is my hometown we have been talking basketball, especially 4A basketball, ever since.  I haven't seen him this season, but in the past I've run into him at Silsbee's games in Houston.  He is really impressed with coach Sigler and the Silsbee basketball program.  He is a nice guy. I hope he can get his team turned around. His name is Vincent Grayson.
  25. The refs are not a factor, because they are a constant factor.  In other words a team or player has to play good enough to where they control the outcome, not the ref.  Being a high school basketball ref is a hard job.  Sometimes what a ref calls or doesn't call can determine a state championship.   In this case if the HJ shooter had hit that 3 pt shot they probably would of given him a foul shot to maybe win the game.  But he missed.  They weren't gonna give him three fouls shots to maybe extend the game.  The ref wanted to go home. Can't say I blame him.