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  1. Timberwolves is a cool mascot, it's unique for Setx that' s for sure. School colors are cool as well, one from each school.
  2. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    per Santa Fe Athletics Twitter @SFIndianAth  Pasadena Dobie Tomball Brazoswood
  3. Possible realignment

    <wink> yor're right :} btw thanks for all you do on this site,ive been gone from SETX for over 20 years but i love it and love what yall do!!
  4. Possible realignment

    Carthage probably thinks they can handle anyone , Aledo and Steele would crush them lol!
  5. Possible realignment

    whether its JT or Huntsville, great schedule 
  6. Possible realignment

    thats could be, someone got confused...that would be an awesome game no doubt 
  7. Possible realignment

    wow! that would be big time for sure,I did see on Twitter PNG sched had Silsbee, Huntsville and Tomball tho.
  8. Possible realignment

    I figured as much! im curious who itd be, guess we will find out soon. 
  9. Possible realignment

    This would be my prediction, it makes the most sense, but if it makes sense then the UIL probably wont do it lol. Ive also seen the projection of the district minus Cleveland and add Manvel and Santa Fe, which would be interesting to say the least! I"m also wondering if there is a chance that the 3 Golden Triangle teams could end up in an East Texas district with Nacogdoches and Jacksonville and the likes....saw on twitter where Neds non dist schedule so far is West Orange and the new Beaumont school, which is a good schedule, wonder who the 3rd would be if needed..
  10. Longview 33 Lufkin 32/FINAL

    I'm listening on, that is the Lufkin broadcast 
  11. Congrats on a nice season to PA! 
  12. Congratulations to PNG on a great season! 
  13. Manvel 51 Nederland 26/FINAL

    Finally made it to see a Ned game,  solid team and played a good game today i'm pretty sure Manvel had some grown men on that team, those dudes.were HUGE!    Great season for Big Ned no doubt!  And good luck Manvel the rest of the playoffs. 
  14. New Caney 28 Vidor 21/FINAL

    Way to play Vidor, congrats on a great year!!