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  1. Dang 8 1/2 min drive and NO points :/
  2. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    Per  MaxPreps Willowridge 7 H.Sterling 0 at the half 
  3. Congrats to the Indians! Is Neds other running back still hurt? I didn't hear his name much on the broadcast, (the one that starts with an M last name) having both of them out really puts a kink in Neds ball control offense and they could both bust for some big runs, hopefully he will be able to play for the playoffs! ....the 2 turnovers where big !  PNG D has played well the last 3 weeks...good luck to both teams in the playoffs next week
  4. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    6A had been doing it for a few years, I believe they started it the previous re-alignment..i remember WB played Longview in Beaumont in 2016 
  5. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    That's correct, top 2 seeds host first round games in 5A starting this year.
  6. Nederland 45 Crosby 22/FINAL

    Go Dogs! That was a huge last 2 min and with Ned getting the ball first 
  7. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    That's right, SF has the head to head against them, figured I missed something lol. That's why I asked the experts as always good work bigdog
  8. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    A question for the gurus, if Crosby loses its last two games to Ned and Lee, and SF loses its last two games to Dayton and BH AND Lee wins its last 2 against Vidor and Crosby, leaving them all tied at 3-4 for 4th place, would that give Lee and outside shot at the playoffs on a tiebreaker? I know it's a long shot, but I got bored and was looking at how things could play out. 
  9. Crosby@Nederland

    Neds D has been solid all year, United, Santa Fe, Dayton and Vidor all had goose eggs on the board at the half, and WOS only points were from their defense, so that's pretty good....but that D will be put to the test the next 2 weeks, I would think Crosby and PNG have the 2 best offenses  in the District.....I think Nederland takes it this week, but Crosby won't make it easy at all!
  10. Crosby@Nederland

    It's hard to believe that not to long ago there was talk of this being two 8-0 teams fighting for the DC, now Crosby limps in fighting for their playoff lives and Nederland positioning for a big game for the DC at PNG, things can change quickly! Crosby still a very dangerous team tho, Go Dogs, beat those Cougars! 
  11. District 12-5a Div 2

    Your are right, and Vidor always plays Ned tough, especially in Vidor
  12. District 12-5a Div 2

    3 weeks left, some big games coming up.......discuss                                    District                     Overall                                      W    L                       W    L Nederland                   4   0                      7   0  PN-G                           4   0                      5   2  Barbers Hill                3   1                       5    2 Santa Fe                     3  1                       4    3 Crosby                       2   2                       5   2 Vidor                          0   4                       3   4 Baytown Lee               0   4                      2   5 Dayton                        0   4                      0    7     Week 8 results:                                            Week 9 Schedule: Barbers Hill 49 Vidor  34                                  Nederland at Vidor          Santa Fe 27 Crosby 21                                    Santa Fe at PN-G  PN-G 44 Dayton 37                                         Barbers Hill at Crosby  Nederland 55 Lee 21                                        Dayton at Lee  
  13. Crosby @ Santa Fe

    with Crosby losing last week and Santa Fe beating Vidor, this became a big game to keep pace with the Ned and PN-G in the district standings. Should be a good game, Santa Fe seems to play decent defense and we all know Crosby has a great offense. Will be an interesting match up,
  14. My wife is trying to create an account and the security question won't allow her.  Do yoiu know the problem