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  1. Okay, I'm bored.

    Glad your back posting, but don’t push yourself too hard right now! Continuing to pray for ya buddy!
  2. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    My son works at the Barnes and Nobles in Beaumont and he said their getting a ton of calls and requests about when it will be in. He’s been there about 4 years and always gets me a copy as soon as it gets there.
  3. Trying to find out what kind of a record he has without much luck. All I know is he played in the minor leagues in the 80s. Anyone know much about him? His name is Sergio Espinal and his last job was at Mathis HS which I believe is in the Corpus Christi area.
  4. A parade for the mustangs

    Well I for one agree that a parade is reserved for when you win state, but even so come on man give it some time. I mean all the students, players, coaches etc are all out on Christmas break and probably hard to get ahold of much less gathered together for a parade. Plus a parade requires city permits, police escorts, time to get floats decorated etc...last two years it was mid to late  January before we had a parade.
  5. State Championships Update Thread

    42-7 pretty much total domination 
  6. State Championships Update Thread

    35-7 Carthage 9:35 left in 3rd
  7. State Championships Update Thread

    I wasn't at the game in 2013 but This Carthage team looks very athletic. LOTs of speed all over.
  8. State Championships Update Thread

    I agree. Don't see Kennedale offense doing a lot. Carthage with too much speed on defense.
  9. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    Don't think I'll be able to get off work early two Fridays in a row so realistically if I leave at 4 from Port Arthur do you think it's possible to make it the game by kickoff? With all the Friday evening Houston traffic?
  10. Congrats West Orange-Stark! Moving on to Round 4! on a side note, I think Madisonville  will make some noise in the playoffs the next few years.