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  1. Newton

    I believe Newton will be fine as long as they keep focus then they should win. I want them win with that group special same as WOS 2016. Go Newton Eagles and get the trophy!!!
  2. Curious anyone plan attend to watch state championship games? It will be my first time for not see WOS that they are not playing this Friday so I feel strange but still love watch High School football. It is sad that football is almost over and time went so flies fast. I will watch TV in Thursday due my son had school so he will go with me on Friday and Saturday. I plan attend on Friday and Saturday. I really looking forward is Duncanville vs. North Shore.
  3. Wagner Vs Shadow Creek

    I went watch this game and it was so worth to watch. It was hard battle each other till fourth quarter then SC got fired up after got touchdown after missed field goal. I see their kids that they are so hungry and had big heart same as fans as well.
  4. 2018 North Shore

    I agree that North Shore is beast this year after I went watch them last Saturday against Lake Travis and thought it will be good or close game but not! 3 players on offense is most talent and impact that team and will be fun to watch next year.
  5. 2018 North Shore

    WOS 2016 should add on this as well. From what I see the best ever is WOS 2016 group and will never see like this again ever.
  6. Bad weather

    I agree with you even I live here in north of Houston. I am very shock that Silsbee/WOS keep play game and seem that they don't care about safety issue. FYI, I notice that who play in Houston area and already reschedule so I believe that only one game is Silsbee/WOS play on Friday. That is so ridiculous and I want to see people to have safety reason not because game is part of game. 
  7. Attend game (Area playoffs)

      Thursday morning practice at 8:30 for sale tickets but what time they will stop sale from 8:30 AM to ? Do you know?
  8. Attend game (Area playoffs)

    Thanks NDNation!
  9. Attend game (Area playoffs)

    That is odd and I resend so hopefully it will through. But I go ahead ask on this since not sure if send have issue.  I know you are fan of PNG while I am fan of WOS.  I saw on twitter PNG football and said that they will sale the tickets which is on Tuesday and Thursday.  Do you know where location to buy at, how much cost, and time? I plan to come and get it on Thursday. I am from Northeast of Houston and on the way to get tickets then go to Orange to see my family for Thanksgiving which is perfect time.  Let me know and would appreciate your input.  Thanks
  10. Attend game (Area playoffs)

    Please check your inbox. Thanks
  11. West Orange Stark Mustangs vs Sweeny Bulldogs

    One time a game! Game can anything happen and depend on boys who play on the field.  Let's go Mustangs!!!
  12. I plan to attend and watch playoffs game.  Friday- WOS vs. Sweeny then straight to NRG watch PNG and Nederland. Saturday- NRG 2 games (Summer Creek vs. Clear Lake and Atascocita vs. Alief Hasting) I wish there is 3 games but 2 games is great and better than just one game. LOL! Tell me what you plan to attend.  Playoffs always great and fun to watch!!
  13. Now playoffs time and exciting to see. What games do you plan attend to watch? I plan go... Thursday- WOS vs. Huntington Friday- Houston Lamar vs. Cy-fair Saturday- Cypress Woods vs. Round Rock  
  14. Definitely agreed with you. Again, it is my opinion and nothing I can control since coaches make a decision even fans disagree with me so just opinion.  From my gut, first game that #2 played QB and seem not fit his type at QB since he did played some defense which is fit for him somehow coaches decide put #9 play QB at last quarter. I see that he do have the talent and it will take time to learn the process. If you remember when Garrert (spell) #12 died then #8 play QB that he is sophomore then success later. Same thing with Dallas #3.  Being sophomore is not easy and not mature yet but I can see #9 develop and mature later AS LONG AS coaches faith and much patient in him. Now I am concern that coaches seem lost faith in him last night come on I hope they are aware about field sloppy that make a difference and difficult to do that. It all about process to learn.  #2, he is play well on defense that will fit him the best instead QB.  I don't want coaches to keep rotate and switch #2 and #9 that can lead ruin the trust process also confusing and chemistry as well.  Please let #9 play no matter what who he face against. By playoffs time, he will look different and much better that he learn it.  Sorry long message! 
  15. I trust coach T will care of it and try to find player to fit the position. That reason why scrimmage for. They may be not ready early games but they can get better in each game so by time in district and playoff then they should be ready and real Mustangs way!  WOS fans will have to support boys no matter what and they need our support instead upset or pissed off at them that can hurt itself.